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The Anywhere Leader: How to Lead and Succeed in Any Business Environment

ISBN: 978-1-118-00234-6
256 pages
September 2011, Jossey-Bass
The Anywhere Leader: How to Lead and Succeed in Any Business Environment (1118002342) cover image


The go-to resource for business leaders who must succeed no matter what the circumstances

The world is rapidly changing and unpredictable, necessitating leaders who adjust quickly to changing priorities and unfamiliar terrain. This book offers a blueprint for developing leaders who can handle surprising challenges, from mergers to global relocation, and who thrive in turbulent times by being open to new concepts, passionate about progress, and resourceful with the tools available.

  • Features three key traits of adaptable leaders: Driven by progress, Sensationally curious, Vastly resourceful
  • Reveals how to work across corporate cultures and leverage relationships to overcome challenges
  • Shows how to bypass the traditional leadership role and take necessary risks to move forward

Written for the business leader who can land in any environment, under any set of conditions, and find a way to fit in and succeed.

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Table of Contents


1 The Anywhere Leader 3

2 The Anywhere Leader Advantage 19


3 Motive Differentiates the Anywhere Leader’s Drive 41

4 Become Discerning 55

5 Become Daring 69

6 Become Determined 77


7 There Is More Joy in Knowledge for the Anywhere Leader 91

8 Become Reflective 103

9 Become Receptive 113

10 Become Perceptive 123


11 Doing a Lot with a Little Helps the Anywhere Leader Succeed 139

12 Become Imaginative 157

13 Become Inclusive 165

14 Become Inventive 177


15 The Mechanics of the Anywhere Leader Model 187

16 A Job for an Anywhere Leader? 201

17 Restructure Your Life for Transportability 217

Acknowledgments 231

About the Author 233

Index 235

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Author Information

MIKE THOMPSON is founder and CEO of SVI, a leading organizational development company whose clients include Wal-Mart, Mercy Health, Sam's Club, Dillard's, and Tyson. He helps these complex global organizations develop and engage their entire workforce with training programs and events, assessments, and talent development systems. He also helps companies and communities navigate successfully through disruption. Previously he was founder and president of ThompsonMurray, the leader in in-store marketing. He is a regular contributor to industry trade publications.

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Press Release

August 29, 2011
The Anywhere Leader: How to Lead and Succeed in Any Business Environment

San Francisco, CA – A severe recession, high tech bubble, real estate bubble, tough global competition: anyone in business today must be able to lead through uncertainty and disruption. That leader should be able to land on her feet and move forward no matter what the setting or situation presents. She must become an Anywhere Leader.

Of course, it’s not easy to find this person. That’s where The Anywhere Leader: How to Lead and Succeed in Any Business Environment (Jossey-Bass; 978-1-1180-0234-6; September 2011) by Mike Thompson comes in – it provides an actionable blueprint to help anyone become an Anywhere Leader. Built around a model of three key traits (Driven by progress, Sensationally curious, Vastly resourceful) that empower managers to adapt quickly to new circumstances, the book examines each trait in detail, and shows readers exactly how to acquire and use them. It answers the burning questions of the current economy:

  • How do you do more with less?
  • How do you create initiatives that are inspiring and sustainable?
  • How do you work across corporate cultures, geographical boundaries, and generational gaps?
  • How do you motivate others and leverage relationships?
  • How do you see beyond your traditional role and take the necessary risks to move forward?

Anyone wishing to become an Anywhere Leader needs to adapt to any business environment and meet any challenge. This person will need to develop these key traits of being driven for progress, sensationally curious and vastly resourceful. She will need to understand what they represent and how to act in order to sue them to their fullest advantage. The chapters in The Anywhere Leader will help anyone increase their ability to contribute influence and succeed anywhere, anytime.

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