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Finance After Armageddon

ISBN: 978-1-118-00651-1
288 pages
December 2010
Finance After Armageddon (1118006518) cover image


This chapter from The Death of Capital is a call for change that discusses projects and initiatives to rejuvenate the economy and provide a basis for sustained growth. We have developed a regulatory system that does exactly the opposite of what it should be doing-favors speculation over production; obscurity over transparency. This chapter addreses hot-button topics including:
  • How to Improve Capital Adequacy
  • Executive Compensation Reform
  • Modern Monetary Policy and Regulation
  • Enhancing Financial Transparency
  • Solutions for Credit Default Swaps, Derivative, and Structured Investment Vehicles
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Table of Contents


Introduction: The 2008 Crisis – Tragedy or Farce?

Chapter One: The Death of Capital.

Chapter Two: Capital Ideas.

Chapter Three: Empty Promises.

Chapter Four: Financialization.

Chapter Five: From Innovators to Undertakers.

Chapter Six: Welcome to Jurassic Park.

Chapter Seven: The Road to Hell.

Chapter Eight: Finance After Armageddon.

Conclusion: “This Is Later”.



About the Author.


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Author Information

Michael E. Lewitt is the President of Harch Capital Management, LLC and editor of the HCM Market Letter. He studied at Brown University, Yale University, and New York University School of Law. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, the New Republic, Trusts & Estates, and the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.
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