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Win / Loss Reviews: A New Knowledge Model for Competitive Intelligence

ISBN: 978-1-118-00741-9
202 pages
July 2011
Win / Loss Reviews: A New Knowledge Model for Competitive Intelligence (1118007417) cover image
An effective framework for strengthening competitiveness by learning from past deals and applying insights derived from them.

Every sales opportunity, whether won or lost, has useful nuggets of information that can be harvested and used to improve performance. When those pieces of information are aggregated, analyzed and made available for all to use, the organization’s competitive position is greatly enhanced.

  • Reveals how to turn field sales teams, a mostly underutilized resource, into net producers of competitive intelligence
  • Exposes new and unconventional approaches for gathering and democratizing sales insights for a broad stakeholder audience
  • Presents a proven knowledge sharing model that is being adopted by major companies worldwide

Win/Loss Reviews shows how every company can improve top and bottom line performance by systematically capturing the key insights from deals that have been won, lost or delayed.  While the book talks to decision makers and business strategists, the principles and disciplines explored are aimed at bridging the flow of competitive intelligence between sales and marketing, simultaneously providing insights and line-of-site to the dynamics affecting business performance.

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Chapter 1 Introduction.

Trusting Today's Seller.

Listen to the Customer, Too.

Driving Scale and Accuracy.

A New Approach.


Chapter 2 Win/Loss Reviews and Business Intelligence.

A New Knowledge Model.

BI Governance.

Providers of Self-Service BI.

Pocket BI: Intelligence to Go.

From BI to Competitive Intelligence.


Chapter 3 Why Do We Win or Lose?

Factors Contributing to Wins and Losses.

Is a Win Always a Win?

Narratives Provide Additional Context.

Factor Weighting.

Do We Learn More from Wins or Losses?

Disengaged Opportunities: What's the Real Story?

Delayed Deals Benefit from Win/loss Reviews.


Chapter 4 Capturing the Data.

Unlocking Tacit Knowledge.

Opportunity Details.

Outcome Factors.

The Narrative.

Accommodating Multiple Languages.


Chapter 5 Surfacing the Insights.

Tactical Insights.

Strategic Insights.

Summarizing the Information.

Accountability for Surfacing Insights.

Trends and Statistical Evidence.


Chapter 6 Beyond Competitive Insights.

Award Programs.


Marketing Case Studies.


Chapter 7 Measuring Process and Outcome Performance.

Scale Drives Quantity.

Quality Drives Value.

Value, Expectations, and Policy.

Setting Expectations.

Policy Considerations.

Measuring Outcome Performance.


Chapter 8 Stakeholder and Cultural Considerations.

Account Manager.

Sales Manager.

An Emerging Career Skill and Role Requirement.

Corporate and Leadership Culture.

Cultural Dispositions.

Culture and Social Networks.

Social Media Paradigms.


Chapter 9 Implementing a Win/Loss Review Program.

Establishing Business Goals and Objectives.

Planning Phase.

Elicitation, Documentation, and Review Phase.



Analysis of Current Tools.

Requirements Workshops.



Gathering Insights from Current Tools, Processes, and Documents.

In-Person/Group Input.

Concerns and Issues.

Consolidation and Publication of Results.

Managing Phase.

Design, Develop, Implement, and Support.

Training and Guidance.


Conclusion: A Look Forward.

Appendix A Process Improvement: A Case Study.


Problem Statement.


The Approach.

Define Phase.

Voice of the Customer.

Stakeholder Analysis.

Measure Phase.

Analyze Phase.

Improve Phase.

Control Phase.


Appendix B From the Blogosphere.

On Whether Sales Teams or Customer Interviews Provide Most Insights.

Effect of Social Networking on Win/Loss Reviews.

What Win/Loss Reviews May Reveal Beyond Pricing Issues.

Win/loss Review Process Improvement.

Appendix C Software and Services for Win/Loss Review.

Software Sloution.

Partner Profiles.


About the Author.


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RICK MARCET is the program director for the World Class Selling initiative at Microsoft. He is responsible for leading the drive to increase the sales capabilities of field sales organizations through both the art and the science of selling, across all customer segments. He accomplishes this through the effective use of inquiry-led sales techniques and business and competitive intelligence to drive sustained sales growth and achieve consistently high customer satisfaction. He can be reached via: @RickMarcet; linkedin.com/in/rickmarcet; facebook.com/pages/Win-Loss-Reviews/152317004835660.

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