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Sharing Hidden Know-How: How Managers Solve Thorny Problems With the Knowledge Jam

ISBN: 978-1-118-01093-8
240 pages
March 2011, Jossey-Bass
Sharing Hidden Know-How: How Managers Solve Thorny Problems With the Knowledge Jam (1118010930) cover image


Using knowledge that an organization already has is one of the great management ideas of the last fifteen years. Putting Knowledge to Work provides external consultants, internal facilitators, and leaders with a five-step process that will help them achieve their knowledge management goals. The five steps, Knowledge Jams, show how to set the direction, foster the correct tone, conduct knowledge capture event, and integrate this knowledge into the organization. In addition, the author introduces conversation practices for participants to effectively co-create knowledge and discover context.
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Table of Contents

Foreword by Nancy M. Dixon.


Chapter 1: Knowledge Jam Rationale: Solving Thorny Problems.

What's Not Working?

Blind Spots.


Knowledge Jails.

Sidebar: Contrasting the Effects of Non-Participative Versus Collective Capture.

Chapter 2: Knowledge Jam Basics.

Step 1: Select.

Step 2: Plan.

Step 3: Discover/Capture.

Step 4: Broker.

Step 5: Reuse.

Chapter 3: Discipline 1: Facilitation.

The Facilitator's Mandate.

1. Facilitating the Select Step.

2. Facilitating the Plan Step.

3. Facilitating the Discover/Capture Step.

4. Facilitating the Broker Step.

5. Facilitating the Reuse Step.

Chapter 4: Discipline 2: Conversation.

Posture of Openness.

Pursuit of Diversity.

Practices of Dialogue.

Chapter 5: Discipline 3: Translation.

Brokers' Motivators.

Brokering Basics.

Chapter 6: Bespeckled, Married, and Emancipated.


Surfacing Usable Insight.

Putting Knowledge to Work.

Chapter 7: Knowledge Jam Heritage: Prequel to the Three Disciplines.

Intelligence Acquisition.

Organizational Learning.

Sidebar: Structural Dynamics: Strategically Simulating Diversity.

Collaboration Technology.

Chapter 8: Comparing Knowledge Jam to Other Knowledge-Capture Methods.

A Facilitation-Conversation-Translation Scale.

Chapter 9: Building a Knowledge Jam Practice.

Building a Business Case and Selling Knowledge Jam.

Sidebar: The Price Is Right!

Cultivating Knowledge Jam Facilitators.

Measuring and Promoting Success.

Chapter 10: Knowledge Jam for Leading Change and Leveraging Social Media.

Using Knowledge Jam for Leading Change.

Sidebar: Jamming in the Boardroom—Shared Insight in Action.

Knowledge Jam for Business Transformation and Social Media.

Chapter 11: An Invitation.

Why Knowledge Jam (and other forms of Knowledge Elicitation) will take off.

You Have Your Toolkit.

More Than a Business Tool.


A: Knowledge Types.

B: Knowledge Jam Templates.

C: Glossary of Terms.

D: Case Studies.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (Healthcare Quality Improvement Nonprofit).

Forest Bioproducts Research Institute (New Energy Institute).

E: Knowledge Jam Practice FAQs.



The Author.


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Author Information

Katrina Pugh is president of AlignConsulting, a firm that specializes in helping organizations channel insight into action. Kate held leadership positions with PwC Consulting/IBM, JPMorgan, Intel Corporation and Fidelity Investments.
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