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Social Media Marketing for Digital Photographers

ISBN: 978-1-118-01412-7
272 pages
November 2011
Social Media Marketing for Digital Photographers (111801412X) cover image


Teaching photographers how to use social media to grow their businesses

With the rapid rise of both digital photography and social media, amateur photographers can now turn what was once a hobby into a thriving business. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Flickr offer loads of exciting marketing opportunities. This practical guide from a well-respected professional photographer shows you how to take advantage of social media to grow a profitable photography business. If you've been wondering which social media sites to use, how to use them, how often to use them, and more, this book is for you.

  • Guides you through how to market your photography business on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, and other social media sites
  • Shows you how to translate your use of social media into increased profits Helps you answer such questions as "Which sites should I use?" and "How do I get started?"
  • Provides invaluable testimonials from top photographers discussing their social media business success stories
  • Guides you through inspiring brand evangelists through social media
  • Teaches important survival tips for your social media program

In addition to the powerful strategies, interviews were conducted with thought leaders in the photo industry -- Kenny Kim, Zach and Jody Gray, Jerry Ghionis, Becker, Jasmine Star, Catherine Hall, and Grace Ormonde -- to provide you with all-star tips and tricks. Whether you're just starting a professional photography business or are a seasoned pro looking for good advice on using social media to promote yourself, Social Media Marketing for Digital Photographers is the book you need.

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Table of Contents

Introduction xiv

Chapter 1: What is Social Media? 1

The 2.0 Evolution 3

Dynamic Marketing 4

Earning Trust 6

Relevant Relationships 7

Emergence of Social Platforms 8

Social Politics 10

Socializing: Kenny Kim 14

Chapter 2: Strategic Planning 17

SWOT Analysis 19

Structural Goals 19

Action Goals 27

Strategies Support Goals 28

Tactics Support Strategies 30

Socializing: Zach and Jody Gray 34

Chapter 3: Audience Matters 37

Zoom In 39

Examine 42

Capture 46

Evaluate 53

Socializing: Jerry Ghionis 54

Chapter 4: The Power of Content 57

Action Plan 58

Know Thyself … And Stick with It 60

Be Personable 61

Emotional Triggers 65

Amplify Your Message 68

Delivery Persona 70

Say What? 75

Become the Authority 78

Validation 81

Chapter 5: Social Media Channels 89

Social Networks 90

Social Sharing 106

Social News 115

Social Bookmarking 117

Search Engine Optimization 119

Chapter 6: Launch a Social Media Program 123

Facebook 124

Twitter 135

YouTube 143

Engagement Habits 146

Socializing: Catherine Hall 150

Chapter 7: Blogs and Websites 153

Blog Software and Hosting 155

Self-Hosted Blogs 157

Search Engine Optimization 158

Delivery Matters 160

Design 163

Landing Page 166

About Page 168

Pricing and Contact Pages 170

Blog Posts 171

Turn the Love Around 176

Titling Blog Posts 178

Metrics 183

Socializing: Christopher Becker 186

Chapter 8: Photography as a Social Luxury 189

Exclusivity 191

The Almighty Label 191

Defi ning Attribute 194

Attainability 195

Delivering the Luxury Promise 201

Follow Up 203

The Dream 206

Arbitrate Taste 207

Socializing: Grace Ormonde 212

Chapter 9: Brand Evangelism 215

Building Belief 216

Philosophical Difference 217

Relatable Face 219

Identify Opposition 219

Create Community 223

Nurture Relationships 225

Chapter 10: Survival Tips 229

Diversify 230

Integrate 231

Stay Current 232

Back-Up Plan 234

Expectations 237

Handling Criticism 238

Glossary 240

Index 246

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Author Information

Lawrence Chan is a wildly popular wedding and portrait photographer, blogger, and marketing strategist. He also provides marketing and business management advice to photographers through his website, www.tofurious.com
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