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Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed: Leverage Resources, Establish Online Credibility and Crush Your Competition

ISBN: 978-1-118-01420-2
272 pages
June 2011
Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed: Leverage Resources, Establish Online Credibility and Crush Your Competition (1118014200) cover image


A quick guide to effective techniques that will boost your business today

Want the juicy marketing secrets that save time and get results quickly for your business? Then this is the book for you. Marketing Secrets for the Self-Employed offers a detailed plan for entrepreneurs, small business owners, salespeople, and service professionals. Filled with effective tactics and strategies ready to apply immediately, this guide supplies a complete toolkit to leverage resources, establish online credibility, and crush your competition!

  • Provides practical strategies to promote your business using powerful online tools
  • Each chapter can be read in 10 minutes or less and offers an itemized to-do list at the end
  • Author has personally used these strategies to promote his business online and has helped dozens of companies do the same

If you're ready to take immediate action and see results quickly for your business, Marketing Secrets for the Self-Employed has all the tools and techniques you need!

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Table of Contents



Chapter 1 Introduction.

Chapter 2 Develop Expertise.

Chapter 3 Belief Systems.

Chapter 4 Problems + PAIN = Profit.

Chapter 5 Value Proposition.

Chapter 6 Elevator Pitch.

Chapter 7 Target Market.

Chapter 8 List of Prospects.

Chapter 9 E-mail Distribution Lists.

Chapter 10 Write a Business Plan.


Chapter 11 Google Codes and Alerts.

Chapter 12 Keyword Ideas.

Chapter 13 Keyword Research.

Chapter 14 Positioning Statement.

Chapter 15 Website Sales Function.

Chapter 16 Website Cornerstone: Focus.

Chapter 17 Website Cornerstone: Depth.

Chapter 18 Website Cornerstone: Value.

Chapter 19 Website Conversation.

Chapter 20 Expand the Frame.

Chapter 21 Categorize Your Content.

Chapter 22 Beginner Content = Trust.

Chapter 23 Intermediate Content = List.

Chapter 24 Advanced Content = Revenue.

Chapter 25 Killer Sales Copy.


Chapter 26 Website Development.

Chapter 27 The Blogosphere.

Chapter 28 Negative Comments.

Chapter 29 SEO: Keyword Saturation.

Chapter 30 SEO: Inbound Links.

Chapter 31 SEO: Surrogate Homepages.

Chapter 32 SEO: Diagnostic Tools.

Chapter 33 Google Analytics.

Chapter 34 Understand Analytics Data.

Chapter 35 Making Sales Online.

Chapter 36 Website Shopping Cart.

Chapter 37 Outsource Basic Tasks.


Chapter 38 Internet Directories.

Chapter 39 Blog Directories.

Chapter 40 Outbound Links = Currency.

Chapter 41 Subscribe to Top Bloggers.

Chapter 42 Interviews and Guest Bloggers.

Chapter 43 Blog Carnivals.

Chapter 44 Conversations Are Markets.

Chapter 45 Social Bookmarking.

Chapter 46 Online Branding.

Chapter 47 Optimize Google Places.

Chapter 48 Leverage Yelp for Business.


Chapter 49 Understand the Process.

Chapter 50 E-mail Marketing.

Chapter 51 Start a Podcast.

Chapter 52 Publish Articles Online.

Chapter 53 Post on Blogs and Forums.

Chapter 54 Post on Yahoo! and Amazon.

Chapter 55 Online Classified Advertising.

Chapter 56 Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

Chapter 57 Write a Press Release.

Chapter 58 Start a Group or Club.

Chapter 59 Event Marketing Strategies.

Chapter 60 Product Launch Formula.

Chapter 61 Build Massive Credibility.


Chapter 62 Social Media Mantras.

Chapter 63 Social Media Integration.

Chapter 64 Twitter: Share Tips.

Chapter 65 Twitter: Search Keywords.

Chapter 66 Twitter: Incentivize Interaction.

Chapter 67 LinkedIn: Precision E-mails.

Chapter 68 LinkedIn: Profile Basics.

Chapter 69 LinkedIn: Google Ranking.

Chapter 70 LinkedIn: Pimp Your Profile.

Chapter 71 Facebook: Facilities.

Chapter 72 Facebook: Communication.

Chapter 73 Facebook: Biggest Opportunity.

Chapter 74 Facebook: Places and Deals.

Chapter 75 YouTube: Viral Content.

Chapter 76 YouTube: Demonstrate Expertise.

Chapter 77 YouTube: Video Promotion.

Chapter 78 Social Media Monitoring.


Chapter 79 Wow Your Audience.

Chapter 80 Consistency Wins.

About the Author.


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Author Information

PATRICK SCHWERDTFEGER has spent his life starting and building small business ventures. He is an award-winning speaker, presenting keynotes, workshops, and seminars on cutting-edge marketing strategies for entrepreneurs. He is the founder of the Entrepreneur and Small Business Academy, one of the nation's largest entrepreneur communities. Hundreds of small businesses and self-employed professionals have used his strategies to build their online identities and develop new businesses using online channels.

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Press Release

July 15, 2011
America is shifting from a W-2 to a 1099 Economy

Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed includes 80 short chapters with no more than three or four pages, can be read in 10 minutes or less, and includes a checklist at the end of each chapter. Patrick is the organizer of the Entrepreneur & Small Business Academy, one of the 50 largest entrepreneur clubs in the country. The club is based in Berkeley, CA, and hosts large business networking and educational events for its members. He also is a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV.

Although Patrick speaks to small business owners and entrepreneurs, he is eager to guide those contemplating the switch from professional to self-employment. More and more professionals are turning to self-employment to regain their freedom, lifestyle and dignity. Patrick offers five strategies to test the self-employment waters…

1. Write a how-to report and post it online.  A dentist in Boston wrote a 20-page ebook called “Healthy Mouth, Healthy Sex” and gave it away on her blog.  Her annual revenue grew from $150K to over $1MM.

2. Create a Facebook Page and advertise for “likes.”  Target members of similar Facebook pages and allocate a $20 daily budget for one month.  It will cost you $600 and you’ll end up with a big audience quickly.

3. Create a blog and integrate it with Facebook.  Announce your blog posts on your Facebook profile (or preferably, your Facebook page) and be sure to use the “Facebook comments” plugin to encourage interaction.

4. Record an educational video and post it on YouTube.  Be sure to add your contact information at the bottom.  Make it no longer than two minutes and consider paying money to promote it for relevant keywords.

5. Contribute 50 intelligent comments on a relevant forum.  Offering a piece of advice on a forum is easy and can be done in 10 minutes or less.  Accumulating 50 could be done in a day or two.  Include your phone number in your forum signature.


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