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BlackBerry PlayBook For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-01698-5
352 pages
October 2011
BlackBerry PlayBook For Dummies (111801698X) cover image


Use your BlackBerry PlayBook for work and for play—this book shows you how

For all you business road warriors who don't go anywhere without your BlackBerrys, the road just got a little more comfortable. The BlackBerry PlayBook is a tablet is your go-to-gadget for working on the go. Learn how to take full advantage of this powerful newcomer to the tablet market with this full-color For Dummies guide.

You'll discover how to use your PlayBook to connect to corporate systems, manage your finances, keep track of your travel and other schedules—even how to use the PlayBook as an e-reader or portable entertainment center. Take full advantage of its web browser, media players, two cameras, third-party apps, and more, with this practical, four-color guide.

  • Helps you get up to speed on the BlackBerry PlayBook device
  • Translates techno-babble into clear and simple language, explaining how to use your BlackBerry PlayBook to access the Internet, your own office's intranets, and more
  • Explains techniques, features, and technology to newcomers who are new to tablet devices, as well as to seasoned users who seek information about the new QNX operating system, software options, and new apps Covers how to set up the PlayBook and customize it for your personal needs
  • Explores how to locate and download apps and programs, manage finances, oversee travel and other schedules, use your new PlayBook as an e-reader, multimedia device, and more

Baffled by your BlackBerry PlayBook? Become a PlayBook power user in no time with BlackBerry PlayBook For Dummies.

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Acquainted with the BlackBerry PlayBook 7

Chapter 1: Presenting the PlayBook 9

Chapter 2: Getting Companionable 29

Chapter 3: Bridging the Gap: Connecting the PlayBook to a BlackBerry Phone 59

Chapter 4: Communicating sans Wires: WiFi, Bluetooth, and Cell 79

Part II: Inspecting Apps and Programs 95

Chapter 5: Surfi ng the Web 97

Chapter 6: Managing Tasks: E-mail, Messaging, Contacts, and Calendar 111

Chapter 7: Concocting Documents That Go 131

Chapter 8: Mastering PlayBook Utilities 145

Chapter 9: Orbiting BlackBerry App World 165

Part III: PlayBooking Around 175

Chapter 10: Playing Music, Podcasts, and Games 177

Chapter 11: Picture This 201

Chapter 12: Swiping Through an eBook 221

Part IV: Keeping House 237

Chapter 13: Customizing and Securitizing 239

Chapter 14: Maintaining PlayBook 259

Part V: The Part of Tens 277

Chapter 15: Top Ten Troubleshooting Tips 279

Chapter 16: Top Ten Hints 297

Appendix: Icons 309

Index 315

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Author Information

Corey Sandler is a pioneer of personal computer journalism. He was the original executive editor of PC Magazine, and he has written more than 160 books about PCs, computer software, BlackBerry devices, business and finance, and other topics. Corey's bestsellers include Brilliant BlackBerry Apps For Dummies and both editions of Laptops All-in-One For Dummies.
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