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The Hidden Power of Your Customers: 4 Keys to Growing Your Business Through Existing Customers

ISBN: 978-1-118-01821-7
240 pages
July 2011
The Hidden Power of Your Customers: 4 Keys to Growing Your Business Through Existing Customers (1118018214) cover image
Winning strategies to keep your existing customers coming back

A business's current customer base needs to be considered among the company's most valuable assets. Discover the practical tools to preserve and grow this asset—and boost your business—by tapping into The Hidden Power of Your Customers.

Existing customers are the key to ongoing business growth. They are the people who already know you and buy from you. Yet too many businesses allow their existing customers—their least expensive, most easily acquired sales—to slip away. Don't let this happen to you!

Learn how to strengthen your business using social entrepreneur Becky Carroll's four keys to unleash The Hidden Power of Your Customers. This easy-to-read and practical guide features useful steps, inspirational stories, and real-world examples so you can create a customer strategy that keeps customers coming back (and telling their friends and colleagues).

  • Reveals four keys to success: relevant marketing, orchestrated customer experience, customer-focused culture, and killer customer service
  • Details a fundamental shift that needs to take place in how businesses treat their existing customers
  • The author writes the blog "Customers Rock!" and is the Social Media Correspondent for NBC/7 San Diego
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Introduction A Bird in the Hand Is Worth More Than You Think.

Return to the Customer.

What Is the Hidden Power?

Anatomy of a “Customers Rock!” Company.

Build on the “Rock”: The Four Keys to Growth.

How to Read This Book.


Chapter 1 Listen to Your Customer before Doing Anything.

Customer Listening Posts.

Listen for Customer Feedback.

Listen for Customer Insight.

Foundation for the Four Keys.

Chapter 2 Keep Customer Needs in Mind.

Experience the Life Cycle.

Understand the Customer’s State of Mind.

Meet the Needs of Your Customers.

Just What I Needed.

Case Study: Teradata Builds Close Customer Relationships.

Chapter 3 Communicate with and Become a Fan of Your Customers.

Marketing the Way Your Customers Prefer It.

Social Media for Engagement and Conversation.

Case Study: Sanuk Loves Its Customers in Return.

Start an Ongoing Dialogue.

Case Study: FreshBooks Becomes a Fan of Its Customers.

Chapter 4 Capture, Then Reward, Their Business.

Send More Than Just Bills.

Why Do Only New Customers Get the Best Deals?

Thank You for Being a Customer—I Mean It!

Make Customers Feel Valued.

Case Study: Marriott Rewards Its Customers.


Chapter 5 Plan the Experience.

The Customer Experience.

The Customer Perspective.

Customer Expectations Drive the Outcome.

Your Customer Experience Competition.

Uncover the Best Experience.

Focus on Your Customers.

Chapter 6 Get the Lay of the Land.

Managing the Customer Experience—Or Not.

Design the Customer Experience End-to-End.

Map the Customer Journey.

Chapter 7 Fine-Tune the Experience.

Take Care of the Beginning.

Make It Personal.

You Are Always Onstage.

Putting It All Together for the Customer.

A Competitive Differentiator.

Case Study: Lexus Treats Customers as Guests in Their Home.

Chapter 8 Align Around the Customer.

No Silos.

Design Processes That Fit.

Do You Want My Business?

Case Study: The Urbane Experience.


Chapter 9 Culture of Customer Service.

Put People First.

What We Value.

Keep It Going.

Chapter 10 Measure What Matters.

Customer-Focused Metrics.

Move from Data to Insight to Action.

Satisfaction: Does It Matter?

Measuring Customer Perception.

New Metrics for Measuring the Customer Service Experience.

Measuring the Success of Customer Strategy.

Case Study: EMC Measures What Matters to Customers.

Chapter 11 The Power behind the Scenes.

Hire for Attitude.

Engaged Employees Equal Engaged Customers.

Case Study: Nicor National Creates “Positivity at Work”.

Employee Empowerment.

Employees Make the Difference.

Case Study: Southwest Airlines Is Passionate about People.


Chapter 12 Ignore Customers at Your Peril.

Customer Service Is the New Marketing.

How Do You View Your Customers?

Where Does Social Media Fit?

Viral Campaigning versus Viral Complaining.

Using Social Media for Customer Service—Yes or No?

The True Meaning of Customer Service.

Chapter 13 Shift Your Thinking from New to Old.

Little Things Make a Difference.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes.

Make Them Want to Shout about It.

Case Study: Five-Star Service Makes a Difference for Salon Radius.

Help Customers Play a Role.

Chapter 14 Care and Feeding of Customers.

Things Will Go Wrong.

The Golden Rule for Customers.

Taking Care of Business.

Focus on the Customer.

Case Study: Mighty Fine Burgers Serves It Up Right.


Chapter 15 Unlocking the Hidden Power of Your Customers.

Your Call to Action.

Use the Four Keys.

How It Could Look.

Now It’s Your Turn.



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BECKY CARROLL is the founder of Petra Consulting Group, a consultancy focused on engaging customers through conversation, social media, and customer experiences. Her clients include several Fortune 100 companies such as Verizon, Electronic Arts, Hewlett-Packard, and Ford, in addition to top executives, small businesses, and nonprofits. She is the author of the business blog "Customers Rock!" (www.customersrock.net); teaches social media at UC San Diego; and is a keynote speaker and panelist at industry conferences and webinars on the topics of customer loyalty and social media. For more information, please visit www.BeckyCarroll.com.

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July 15, 2011
The Hidden Power of Your Customers: 4 Keys to Growing Your Business Through Existing Customers

Consumer Reports reported that 2 in 3 customers are walking out of stores. Reuters reported that 1 bad customer experience irks most US shoppers.

Becky Carroll, customer experience expert has a new book titled, “The Hidden Power of Your Customers: 4 Keys to Growing Your Business Through Existing Customers” and addresses the many trends companies large and small fail to realize:

  • Most marketing budgets focus on acquisition, while existing customers are ignored or offered worse prices than new customers— and companies hope that existing customers won’t notice
  • Companies are so busy prospecting for new customers they neglect to find out whether any of their existing customers have additional needs that can be fulfilled, thus leaving money on the table
  • Organizations create “cool” social media campaigns to gain more and more followers, friends, and fans. Yet many of the individuals with whom the brands form these new “relationships” haven’t bought (and may never buy) from those companies, while loyal customers and true advocates are lost in the crowd
  • Companies have drastically slashed budgets, and often the first cuts made are to initiatives focused on customer service, as they are seen as “costs” to be reduced
  • Companies don’t call on their “customer loyalty” teams until faced with a situation where they have to try to save a customer. At this point, it is usually too little, too late
  • Businesses work so hard to have “satisfied customers” that they don’t notice when another company steps in and steals their customers by making a better offer
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