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Think Before You Engage: 100 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Social Media Marketing Campaign

ISBN: 978-1-118-01881-1
312 pages
September 2011
Think Before You Engage: 100 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Social Media Marketing Campaign (1118018818) cover image
Be sure you've addressed the most important questions before using social media to market your company or brand!

From small business owners to job seekers, social media marketing campaigns are being started every day. However, without the proper prep work, campaigns fail, brands or organizations are impacted, customers are not engaged, and money and efforts are wasted. This invaluable guide answers all the most important questions to consider before starting a marketing campaign using social media so you can avoid common pitfalls.

Social media guru and author David Peck presents you with a working knowledge of the different social media tools that are needed to effectively embark on a social media marketing campaign.

  • Guides you through defining goals, setting up a web site, using pertinent social networks, linking sites together, building a community, and monitoring progress
  • Features numerous real-world stories that offer unique insight on what to do and what not to do
  • Shares simple tips for developing a web site with no code required
  • Sifts through the enormous amount of social media available and helps you select which is most appropriate for your needs
  • Addresses how to locate and engage people and then keep them coming back

Answering a plethora of common questions, this book shows you how to engage your customers with social media in a way that will keep them coming back for more.

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Foreword xxi

Introduction xxv

Chapter 1: Planning a Brand 1

1. Why Do I Need to Establish a Brand? 2

2. Brand or Online Presence—What's the Difference? 4

3. What Are Some Successful Brands? 6

4. How Do I Develop My Brand Strategy? 13

5. What Is My Brand's Objective? 18

6. Who Is My Target Audience? 20

7. Am I Reflecting My Brand? 22

Chapter 2: Building an Online Identity 25

8. What Is a Username? 26

9. What Is an Avatar? 30

10. How Do I Brand My Online Identity? 34

11. Why Does an Email Address Matter? 36

Chapter 3: Choosing the Right Social Networks 39

12. What Social Networks Best Fit My Goals? 40

13. How Do I Choose Which Sites to Use? 52

14. Why Do I Need to Be Selective? 56

Chapter 4: Creating a Website 59

15. How Do I Set Up a Website? 60

16. What Should I Use as My Website Address? 62

17. How Do I Design My Website? 64

18. Is a Logo Important? 66

19. What Pages Are Essential for My Website? 68

20. Would Collecting Email Addresses Be Worthwhile? 71

21. Should I Have Ads on My Website? 74

22. What Can I Install on My Website to Encourage Conversations? 75

Chapter 5: Making a Website Social 81

23. How Do I Add a Blog to My Website? 82

24. What Do I Write About? 83

25. What Tone Should I Use? 86

26. What Is Google Reader? 88

27. What Do Bloggers Have the Most Trouble With? 91

28. Should I Use Lists? 92

29. How Often Should I Write? 93

30. Are Webinars Valuable? 95

31. What Is FriendFeed? 97

32. What Is a CAPTCHA? 98

33. How Can Ping.fm Make My Life Easier? 101

34. Should I "Guest Blog?" 102

35. What Is a Blogroll? 105

36. What Are the Benefits of Sharing Other People's Articles? 108

37. Are There Any Tips or Tricks to Interacting on Other Websites? 109

38. What Should I Do if I Don’t Want a Blog? 110

Chapter 6: Twitter 111

39. Why Are People Flocking to Twitter? 112

40. What Is the Difference Between Following and Followers? 115

41. How Do I Increase My Twitter Following? 117

42. What Should I Tweet About? 120

43. Why Is Twitter Search So Powerful? 124

44. What Are Twitter Trends? 126

Chapter 7: Facebook 129

45. Why Do So Many People Use Facebook? 130

46. What Are the Different Types of Facebook Pages? 133

47. How Do I Best Use My Facebook Page? 135

48. What Should My Facebook Page Be About? 141

49. How Do I Get People to Like My Facebook Page? 143

50. How Do I Use Facebook Analytics? 146

51. What Is Facebook Connect? 149

52. How Do Facebook Likes Help Me? 150

53. How Do I Create Events in Facebook? 152

54. What Does Tagging Do? 154

55. What Are Facebook Lists? 156

56. How Do I Reach Out to Other Brands on Facebook? 158

57. Should I Link My Facebook and Twitter Accounts? 159

Chapter 8: LinkedIn 161

58. What Is LinkedIn? 162

59. How Do I Use LinkedIn? 164

60. How Do I Get Recommendations? 168

61. What Is LinkedIn Answers? 170

62. What Are Contacts and Can I Have Too Many? 172

63. What Are LinkedIn Groups? 173

Chapter 9: Other Key Social Media Websites 175

64. What Sites Can Help Me Find Relevant News? 176

65. What Is Social Bookmarking? 181

66. What Are the Best Sites for Video Sharing? 183

67. How Can I Share Pictures? 187

Chapter 10: Getting Found Online 189

68. What Is SEO? 190

69. What Keywords Do I Use? 193

70. Should I Look at My Web Code? 195

71. Does Link Building Help My Website? 197

72. How Can I Use Social Media to Help My SEO? 199

Chapter 11: Monitoring an Online Brand 201

73. How Do I Track What Is Said About My Brand? 202

74. What Brand-Monitoring Tools Can I Use? 204

75. How Can Social Media Websites Make This Easier? 212

Chapter 12: The Real World 213

76. Do I Still Need a Business Card? 214

77. Why Does What I Do in the Real World Matter? 216

78. How Do I Find (and Get) Speaking Engagements? 218

79. What Is a Tweet-Up? 220

80. How Do I Use Event-Planning Websites? 222

81. What Are Tips for Hosting a Successful Event? 224

Chapter 13: Dealing with Difficult Situations 227

82. How Do I Handle Inappropriate Comments? 228

83. What if I'm Stalked? 232

84. How Do I Prevent Spam? 234

85. Can I Stop People from Hacking? 237

86. What Can I Do if Someone Is Upset by Other Comments? 240

87. How Do I Get Support from Social Media Websites? 242

Chapter 14: Creating a Social Media Strategy 243

88. What Does a Social Media Strategy Look Like? 244

89. What Sections Do I Include? 245

90. What Are Key Influencers? 247

91. How Do I Figure Out Who My Key Influencers Are? 248

92. How Should I Describe the Platforms I Choose? 249

93. What Metrics Should I Use to Gauge My Return on Investment? 250

94. What Do I Include as My Next Steps? 252

95. How Often Should I Update My Strategy? 254

96. With Whom Should I Share My Strategy? 255

Chapter 15: Evolving a Brand 257

97. How Can I Build Infl uence? 258

98. How Can I Keep My Social Media Efforts Interesting? 261

99. How Do I Keep from Being Overwhelmed? 263

100. Where Do I Go from Here? 265

Index 267

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Dave Peck has been active in Social Media since 2004. He has been profiled on such networks as NBC, CNBC, and Current TV. His focus on viral/word of mouth (WOM) marketing and networking has allowed him to grow online communities for organizations such as Coca Cola, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and Wells Fargo. As a Social Media Strategist, Dave has consulted and developed programs for The Grammys, The Ozzy Osbourne Auction, George Lynch, Stella McCartney, Sergio Rossi, Lee Meriwether, Antonio Sabato Jr., NPR, and many others. Find and follow him at http://thedavepeck.com/ and @davepeck.

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July 28, 2011
Think Before You Engage

Author Dave Peck offers key features included in his upcoming book, Think Before You Engage.

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