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Mac OS X Lion Simplified

ISBN: 978-1-118-02240-5
256 pages
August 2011
Mac OS X Lion Simplified (1118022408) cover image
Simply the easiest way for visual learners to get up and running with Mac OS X Lion

OS X Lion is the latest version of the Mac desktop operating system, offering cool new features for more than 25 million Mac OS X users. For visual learners who are switching to a Mac, upgrading from an earlier OS, or just getting started with computers, Mac OS X Lion Simplified provides all the necessary information in the simplest way possible. Task-based spreads provide step-by-step instructions with full color illustrations that show exactly how to accomplish a wide variety of tasks with Mac OS X Lion.

  • Looks at Mac OS X Lion, the latest Mac desktop operating system that features support for the new multi-touch trackpad and other enhancements
  • Offers visual learners the easiest way to get going with Mac OS X Lion, using step-by-step instructions illustrated with full-color screen shots that show exactly what each step looks like
  • Explains how to use the new trackpad, customize the desktop, work with files and folders, and use the latest versions of iPhoto and iMovie

For those who learn best when they see exactly how something is done, Mac OS X Lion Simplified is the quickest and easiest way to get up and running on Mac OS X Lion.

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1 Learning Basic Mac OS X Program Tasks.

Explore the Mac OS X Screen 4

Tour the Dock 5

Start an Application 6

Start an Application Using Launchpad 8

Switch Between Applications 10

View Running Applications with Mission Control 11

Tour an Application Window 12

Run an Application Full Screen 13

Select a Command from a Pull-Down Menu 14

Select a Command Using a Toolbar 15

Select Options with Dialog Controls 16

2 Learning Basic Mac OS X Document Tasks.

Save a Document 20

Open a Document 21

Print a Document 22

Edit Document Text 24

Copy a File 28

Move a File 29

Rename a File 30

Delete a File 31

3 Surfing the World Wide Web.

Open and Close Safari 34

Select a Link 36

Enter a Web Page Address 37

Open a Web Page in a Tab 38

Navigate Web Pages 40

Navigate with the History List 42

Change Your Home Page 44

Bookmark Web Pages 46

Search for Sites 48

4 Communicating via E-mail.

Open and Close Mail 52

Add an E-mail Account 54

Send an E-mail Message 56

Add a File Attachment 58

Add a Signature 60

Receive and Read E-mail Messages 62

Reply to a Message 64

Forward a Message 66

5 Tracking Your Contacts and Events.

Open and Close Address Book 70

Add a New Contact 72

Edit a Contact 74

Create a Contact Group 76

Open and Close iCal 78

Navigate the Calendar 80

Create an Event 82

Create a Repeating Event 84

6 Playing and Organizing Music.

Open and Close iTunes 88

Understanding the iTunes Library 90

Navigate the iTunes Window 91

Play a Song 92

Play a Music CD 94

Import Tracks from a Music CD 98

Create a Playlist 100

Burn Music Files to a CD 102

Purchase Music from the iTunes Store 104

7 Synchronizing an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

Connect an iPod, iPhone, or iPad 108

Synchronize Music 110

Synchronize Photos to Your Device 112

Synchronize Photos from Your Device 114

Synchronize Movies and TV Shows 116

Synchronize Contacts, Calendars, and Mail 118

Synchronize Apps 120

8 Viewing and Editing Photos.

View a Preview of a Photo 124

View a Slide Show of Your Photos 126

Open and Close iPhoto 128

Import Photos from a Digital Camera 130

View Your Photos 132

Create an Album 134

Crop a Photo 136

Rotate a Photo 138

Straighten a Photo 140

Remove Red Eye from a Photo 142

Add Names to Faces in Your Photos 144

E-mail a Photo 146

Take Your Picture 148

9 Playing and Creating Digital Video.

Play a DVD Using DVD Player 152

Play Digital Video with QuickTime Player 154

Create a New Movie Project 156

Import a Video File 158

Add Video Clips to Your Project 160

Trim a Clip 162

Add a Transition Between Clips 164

Add a Photo 166

Add a Music Track 168

Record a Voiceover 170

Add Titles and Credits 172

Play the Movie 174

10 Customizing Mac OS X to Suit Your Style.

Display System Preferences 178

Change the Desktop Background 180

Activate the Screen Saver 182

Set Your Mac’s Sleep Options 184

Change the Display Resolution 186

Create an App Folder in Launchpad 188

Add a UserAccount 190

Customize the Dock 192

Add an Icon to the Dock 194

Hide the Dock 196

Install a Program Using the App Store 198

11 Performing Mac OS X Maintenance.

Empty the Trash 202

Organize Your Desktop 203

Check Hard Disk Free Space 204

Uninstall Unused Applications 206

Set a Software Update Schedule 208

Configure Time Machine Backups 210

Restore Files Using Time Machine 212

12 Troubleshooting Mac OS X Problems.

Restart Your Mac 216

Unlock System Preferences 218

Force a Stuck Application to Close 220

Repair a Corrupt Preferences File 222

Access the Mac OS X Recovery Tools 224

Repair Disk Permissions 226

Repair a Disk 228

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Paul McFedries is a technical writer who has been authoring computer books since 1991. He has more than 70 books to his credit, which together have sold more than four million copies worldwide. These books include the Wiley titles Teach Yourself VISUALLY Macs, Second Edition; MacBook Air Portable Genius, Second Edition; iPhone 4 Portable Genius; and Macs Portable Genius, Second Edition. Paul also runs Word Spy, a website dedicated to tracking new words and phrases (see www.wordspy.com). Please visit Paul’s personal website at www.mcfedries.com, or follow him on twitter at www.twitter.com/paulmcf and www.twitter.com/wordspy.
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