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Agile Project Management For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-02624-3
360 pages
May 2012
Agile Project Management For Dummies (1118026241) cover image


Be flexible and faster with Agile project management

As mobile and web technologies continue to evolve rapidly, there is added pressure to develop and implement software projects in weeks instead of months. Agile Project Management For Dummies can make that happen. This is the first book to provide a simple, step-by-step guide to Agile Project Management approaches, tools, and techniques. With the fast pace of mobile and web technology development, software project development must keep pace; Agile Project Management enables developers to complete and implement projects more quickly and this book shows you how.

  • Offers a practical context for understanding and applying Agile techniques, moving from theory into actual practice
  • Explains when to use Agile and how to avoid common pitfalls
  • Written by experts who know how to apply the principles in real-world situations

Agile Project Management For Dummies enables you to understand and apply Agile principles for faster, more accurate development.

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part I: Understanding Agile 7

Chapter 1: Modernizing Project Management 9

Chapter 2: The Agile Manifesto and Principles 19

Chapter 3: Why Agile Works Better 43

Part II: Being Agile 61

Chapter 4: Agile Frameworks 63

Chapter 5: Putting Agile into Action: The Environment 77

Chapter 6: Putting Agile into Action: The Behaviors 87

Part III: Working in Agile 107

Chapter 7: Defining the Product Vision and Product Roadmap 109

Chapter 8: Planning Releases and Sprints 127

Chapter 9: Working Through the Day 151

Chapter 10: Showcasing Work and Incorporating Feedback 169

Chapter 11: Preparing for Release 179

Part IV: Managing in Agile 185

Chapter 12: Managing Scope and Procurement 187

Chapter 13: Managing Time and Cost 207

Chapter 14: Managing Team Dynamics and Communication 227

Chapter 15: Managing Quality and Risk 251

Part V: Ensuring Agile Success275

Chapter 16: Building a Foundation 277

Chapter 17: Being a Change Agent 289

Part VI: The Part of Tens 307

Chapter 18: Ten Key Benefits of Agile Project Management 309

Chapter 19: Ten Key Metrics for Agile Project Management 317

Chapter 20: Ten Key Resources for Agile Project Management 327

Index 331

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Author Information

Mark C. Layton, MBA, CST, PMP, SCPM, ("Mr. Agile") is an organizational strategist and PMI certification instructor. He is the Los Angeles chair for the Agile Leadership Network and is the founder of Platinum Edge, Inc. Mark has MBAs from UCLA and National University of Singapore, is a Certified Scrum Trainer, PMP-certified, and recipient of Stanford University's advanced project management certification.

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Press Release

December 07, 2012
Agile Project Management For Dummies

Agile Project Management For Dummies author Mark Layton discusses the importance of Agile and tips for incorporating Agile into your project planning.

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