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Mac OS X Lion Server Portable Genius

ISBN: 978-1-118-03173-5
384 pages
March 2012
Mac OS X Lion Server Portable Genius (1118031733) cover image
A practical guide to helping users get along with the latest Mac OS X Server

To tame Apple's newest big cat, server OS (Lion), you need a serious, big-game book, and here it is. This guide explains how to administer, deploy, and update the much-anticipated next generation of Mac's OS X Server. Thoroughly covering both hardware and software, this book shows you how to configure services, set up account authentication, use open directory, manage accounts, use Apple Remote Desktop, and much more. You'll also learn how to navigate apps such as iChat Theater, Mail, iCal, Podcast Producer—and still more!

  • Guides you through Apple's latest OS X Server operating system, Lion
  • Offers pages of detail on installation, configuration, and management
  • Shows you how to set up services and manage accounts, as well as use open source applications such as iChat Theater, Mail, iCal, Podcast Producer, and others

Your Mac OS X Lion Server will be purring by the time you get through this book!

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Acknowledgments ix

Introduction xviii

Chapter 1 How Do I Install Lion Server? 2

Chapter 2 How Do I Start Building a Network? 20

Chapter 3 How Do I Create Users and Groups? 42

Chapter 4 How Do I Set Up a Web and E-mail Server? 66

Chapter 5 How Do I Enhance Collaboration with Wikis, Blogs, and Chat? 94

Chapter 6 How Can I Share Files, Calendars, and Contacts? 126

Chapter 7 How Can I Create and Share Podcasts? 160

Chapter 8 How Do I Manage Profiles and Devices? 186

Chapter 9 How Do I Keep Data Safe and Secure? 212

Chapter 10 How Can I Make My Server Appear on the Internet? 228

Chapter 11 How Can I Connect to Lion Server Remotely? 258

Chapter 12 How Do I Secure Lion Server? 286

Chapter 13 How Can I Fix Problems and Get More from Lion Server? 314

Appendix A Lion Server Extras and Alternatives 338

Glossary 341

Index 347

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Richard Wentk is a developer with more than fifteen years of experience in publishing, covering Apple products and developments for MacWorld UK and MacFormat magazines. His reputation as one of the UK's most reliable technology writers is attributed to his ability to clearly explain the development process in a way that emphasizes benefits, teaches how to avoid pitfalls, and clarifies key points.
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