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Photoshop Elements 9: Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks

ISBN: 978-1-118-03643-3
272 pages
May 2011
Photoshop Elements 9: Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks (1118036433) cover image
A visual guide to innovative techniques with Photoshop Elements 9

Photographers who are familiar with the basics of using Photoshop Elements 9 will love this collection of 100 tips and tricks to getting more from the software. Highly visual two-page tutorials and step-by-step screen shots make it easy to see and follow the directions, enabling you to coax even more functionality from this top-selling image-editing software. This guide ventures into the bells and whistles of Photoshop Elements, showing you all the cool effects you can achieve.

  • Photoshop Elements is the leading and most affordable image-editing software on the market; the latest version offers new opportunities to enhance your photos and develop your own individual style
  • Full-color, step-by-step instructions make learning each of the cool techniques faster and easier
  • Features secrets from the author, a well-known professional photographer, and uses his own stunning images to illustrate the tips and techniques

Photoshop Elements 9: Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks helps you take your Photoshop Elements skills to the next level.

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1 Organize and Prepare Photos for Processing.

#1 Set Up a Workflow.

#2 Import Your Images.

#3 View Photos with Full-Screen Mode.

#4 Sort the Good Pictures from the Bad.

#5 Stack Your Images.

#6 Create Albums to Group Your Pictures.

#7 Use Keywords to Tag Your Images.

#8 Tag Photos with Face Recognition.

#9 Change the Organizer Interface As Needed.

#10 Back Up Your Pictures to Protect Them.

2 Start Adjusting Your Images in Photoshop Elements.

#11 Open Pictures and Use Save As.

#12 Make the Editor Interface Your Own.

#13 Set Preferences to Make Editor Work for You.

#14 You Cannot Hurt Your Pictures.

#15 Crop Your Photos for Tighter Shots.

#16 Fix and Rotate Crooked Pictures.

#17 Use Guided Edit to Help You Learn the Program.

#18 Use Guided Edit for Special Effects.

#19 Set Blacks and Whites with Levels.

#20 Adjust Your Midtones with Levels.

#21 Adjust Your Midtones with Color Curves.

#22 Quickly Adjust Dark Shadows and Bright Highlights.

#23 Correct Color to Remove Color Casts.

#24 Enhance Color with Hue/Saturation.

#25 Use Quick Edit to Work Fast.

3 Work with RAW Photos in Photoshop Elements.

#26 Change Images Nondestructively.

#27 Crop Your Photos to Start Your Processing.

#28 Adjust Blacks and Whites to Give a Photo Strength.

#29 Adjust Midtones to Make Tonalities Light or Dark.

#30 Correct Color to Clean Up Color Casts.

#31 Use Vibrance and Clarity to Intensify Images.

#32 Sharpen Photos with Precision.

#33 Control Noise in Your Photo.

#34 Apply Adjustments to Multiple Photos.

#35 Move Your Picture to Photoshop Elements.

4 Choose Local Control Features.

#36 Create and Use a Selection.

#37 Use Marquee Tools for Specific Shapes.

#38 Use Lasso Tools to Follow Picture Elements.

#39 Use Automated Tools for Easy Selections.

#40 Expand or Contract Your Selection.

#41 Select What Is Easy and Invert.

#42 Blend Edges by Feathering.

#43 Use Selections for Traditional Edge Darkening.

#44 Use the Smart Brush for Specific Area Fixes.

5 Create Adjustment Layers for Nondestructive Changes.

#45 Understand How Layers Work.

#46 Understand How Adjustment Layers Work.

#47 Work Blacks and Whites with a Levels Adjustment Layer.

#48 Work Midtones with a Levels Adjustment Layer.

#49 Correct Color with an Adjustment Layer.

#50 Enhance Color with an Adjustment Layer.

#51 Fix Problem Exposures with Layer Blending Modes.

#52 Understand How Layer Masks Work.

#53 Combine Two Photos with Layer Masks.

#54 Remove Adjustments with Black.

#55 Add Adjustments Using Black and then White.

#56 Combine Layer Masks with Selections.

#57 Balance Colors and Tones in a Picture.

#58 Bring Out Shadow Detail in Specific Areas.

#59 Darken Highlight Detail in Specific Areas.

#60 Flatten Layers When Done.

6 Solve Photo Problems.

#61 Clone Out Problems.

#62 Remove People from a Scene with Photomerge Scene Cleaner.

#63 Remove Unwanted Objects with Content-Aware Spot Healing.

#64 Fix Problems due to Lens Distortion.

#65 Fix Perspective Problems with Building Photographs.

#66 Remove Dead Space with Recompose.

#67 Make an Out-of-Focus Background.

#68 Remove Distracting Colors.

#69 Improve Blank Skies.

#70 Create the Focus with Gaussian Blur.

#71 Add a New Background for Your Subject.

7 Size and Sharpen Photos.

#72 Basic Workflow for Image Sizing.

#73 Size Photos for Printing.

#74 Size Photos for E-mail.

#75 Sharpen Photos with Unsharp Mask.

#76 Sharpen Photos with Adjust Sharpness.

#77 Sharpen Photos When You Have Layers.

#78 Selectively Sharpen Parts of Your Photo.

8 Go Beyond the Basics.

#79 Convert Color Photos to Black-and-White.

#80 Adjust Your Photos in Black-and-White.

#81 Create Toned Images.

#82 Use the Smart Brush for Creative Effects.

#83 Create a Hand-Colored Look.

#84 Photograph a Scene to Get More Exposure Detail.

#85 Merge Photos for More Photo Detail.

#86 Photograph a Scene for a Panoramic Image.

#87 Merge Photos for a Panoramic Image.

#88 Group Images on a Page.

#89 Transfer Styles between Photos.

9 Software Plug-ins Make Work Easier.

#90 Use Viveza for Quick Creative Adjustments.

#91 Use Color Efex for Efficient Photo Work.

#92 Remove Noise with Dfine.

#93 Get Dramatic Black-and-White with Silver Efex Pro.

#94 Use Bokeh for Easy Depth-of-Field Effects.

#95 Try PhotoTune for Fast Color and Tonal Adjustments.

#96 Use Snap Art for Creative Effects.

10 Get Photos out of Photoshop Elements.

#97 Protect Your Photos with Online Backup.

#98 Access Your Photos Anywhere Internet Service is Available.

#99 Create Online Photo Albums.

#100 Share Your Photos Online.

#101 Print Your Photos.

#102 Print a Group of Photos.

#103 Add a Border Effect to Your Pictures.

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Rob Sheppard is the author/photographer of over 30 photography books, a well-known speaker and workshop leader, and is editor-atlarge for the prestigious Outdoor Photographer magazine. As author/photographer, Sheppard has written hundreds of articles about digital photography, plus books ranging from guides to photography such as Digital Photography: Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks and Digital Photography Simplified to books about Photoshop Elements and Lightroom including Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 for Digital Photographers Only and Photoshop Elements 8: Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks. His Web site is at and his blog is at
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