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Emotional Intelligence In Action: Training and Coaching Activities for Leaders and Managers

ISBN: 978-1-118-04681-4
416 pages
February 2011, Pfeiffer
Emotional Intelligence In Action: Training and Coaching Activities for Leaders and Managers (1118046811) cover image


Emotional Intelligence in Action shows how to tap the power of EI through forty-six exercises that can be used to build effective emotional skills and create real change. The workouts are designed to align with the four leading emotional intelligence measures—EQ-I or EQ-360, ECI 360, MSCEIT, and EQ Map, —or can be used independently or as part of a wider leadership and management development program. All of the book's forty-six exercises offer experiential learning scenarios that have been proven to enhance emotional intelligence competencies.
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Table of Contents

Foreword by Reuven Bar-On.


Introduction: Getting the Most from This Resource.

PART ONE: Using Emotional Intelligence to Create Real Change.

Chapter 1: The Case for Emotional Intelligence.

Chapter 2: How Everyone Can Use the Workouts: Cross-Reference Matrix.

PART TWO: Exploring Fifteen Competencies of Emotional Intelligence.

1. Self-Regard.

2. Emotional Self-Awareness.

3. Assertiveness.

4. Independence.

5. Self-Actualization.

6. Empathy.

7. Social Responsibility.

8. Interpersonal Relationships.

9. Stress Tolerance.

10. Impulse Control.

11. Reality Testing.

12. Flexibility.

13. Problem Solving.

14. Optimism.

15. Happiness.

PART THREE: Emotional Intelligence Workouts to Build Effective Skills.

1. Self-Regard.

Workout 1.1 Of Thine Own Self Be Aware.

Workout 1.2 Reconciliation.

Workout 1.3 Toot Your Horn and Scratch Your Back.

2. Emotional Self-Awareness.

Workout 2.1 Are You in Touch?

Workout 2.2 It Just Bubbles Up.

Workout 2.3 Moving Toward, Moving Away.

Workout 2.4 Grow Your Personal Power.

3. Assertiveness.

Workout 3.1 Ramp It Up.

Workout 3.2 Dial It Back.

Workout 3.3 Getting Your Point Across.

4. Independence.

Workout 4.1 Cut the Apron Strings.

Workout 4.2 Solitary Effort.

Workout 4.3 Going Along with the Group—Or Not.

5. Self-Actualization.

Workout 5.1 The Scavenger Hunt.

Workout 5.2 Becoming All That You Can Be.

Workout 5.3 Applying Inspiration.

6. Empathy

Workout 6.1 Connect Feeling with Meaning.

Workout 6.2 Mixed Emotions.

Workout 6.3 Do As the Empathic Do.

7. Social Responsibility.

Workout 7.1 Reflect the Best.

Workout 7.2 Who Do I Work for?

Workout 7.3 The Value of Volunteering.

8. Interpersonal Relationships.

Workout 8.1 You’ve Got Good News.

Workout 8.2 Making New Friends.

Workout 8.3 Fun and Meaningful Relationships.

9. Stress Tolerance.

Workout 9.1 ‘Cause You’ve Got Personality.

Workout 9.2 Water Off a Duck’s Back.

Workout 9.3 Deep Center Breathing.

10. Impulse Control.

Workout 10.1 To Impulse or Not to Impulse.

Workout 10.2 The Urge to Splurge.

Workout 10.3 Hot Buttons.

11. Reality Testing.

Workout 11.1 Feel, Hear, See—Is It Reality?

Workout 11.2 Visit Their Reality.

Workout 11.3 Using All Three of Your Minds.

12. Flexibility.

Workout 12.1 No More Shutdowns.

Workout 12.2 Yes, No, Maybe So .

Workout 12.3 Flex Time.

13. Problem Solving.

Workout 13.1 Using the MasterSolve Model for Teams.

Workout 13.2 Win-Win Negotiating.

Workout 13.3 Let’s Cover Our Bases.

14. Optimism.

Workout 14.1 Be Solution-Focused.

Workout 14.2 See a Positive Resolution.

Workout 14.3 The Optimistic Explanation.

15. Happiness.

Workout 15.1 Growing My Happiness.

Workout 15.2 Pay It Forward with Gratitude.

Workout 15.3 Attitude of Gratitude.



About the Authors.


How to Use the CD-ROM.

Pfeiffer Publications Guide.

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Author Information

Marcia Hughes, president of Collaborative Growth, serves as a strategic communications partner for organizations and trainers and is a professional speaker. She offers emotional intelligence training and coaching and is a certified trainer in the EQI and EQ 360.

L. Bonita Patterson is president of Polaris Consulting Group, an organizational effectiveness firm specializing in leadership and team development to improve bottom-line results.

James Bradford Terrell is the developer of the network WhatsYourEQ.net. He coaches leaders and teams using the Bar-On EQI and EQ 360 and Spiral Dynamics.

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"Provides useful tools for trainers and practitioners who want to work on enhancing their clients’ emotional and social intelligence skills. It presents a series of ‘workouts’ that make a great addition to the consultant’s EI toolbox."
--Steven J. Stein, coauthor, The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success; CEO, Multi-Health Systems

"An excellent roadmap to the field of emotional intelligence combined with experiential exercises designed to enhance self-awareness and develop the skills critical to success in both our personal and professional lives."
--Robert Emmerling, Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations

"As a leader introducing our organization to EI, the experiential learning design provides a practical method for developing our skills, competencies and capabilities while working in our present positions within our existing organizations."
--Marianne Jones, vice president, human resource director, California Casualty

"Creating the metrics necessary to measure emotional intelligence was a daunting task. But teaching others how to change their behavior is an altogether different challenge. This book is an able teacher for the serious learners and leaders of the field."
--Esther M. Orioli, author, Essi Systems' EQ Map

"Emotional Intelligence in Action is an important contribution to the field of applied emotional intelligence, particularly for its contribution in helping individuals improve their skills so that they can unlock their potential and live at a level more commensurate with their true capability."
--Rich Handley, coauthor, EQ 360, The EQ Interview, and Optimizing People

"The authors provide a suite of well-designed tools for increasing emotional intelligence and then invite practitioners to apply these to respond to individual development needs. This is a needed addition to the field of emotional intelligence. The gift that these practitioners have given is they have helped to make EQ development a faster and more efficient process for both coaches and clients. Advanced practitioners will find these tools useful for sharpening their practice."
--Geetu Bharwaney, founder and managing director, Ei World

"Emotional Intelligence in Action is a very practical tool organizations can use to help employees anticipate, understand, and accept change and thrive in a fast-moving business environment."
--Tad Deering, Sr., director of strategic change, Time Warner Telecom

"Emotional Intelligence in Actionis a must read for anyone serious about improving personal and professional relationships, while gaining greater self-knowledge."
--Richie Fontenot Hunter, vice president of marketing, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, West Region

"A pioneering book for a cutting edge field! The authors have pulled together thoughtful and useful tactics and strategies for trainers and consultants that will enable audiences to understand and act on EQ concepts. The cross references with numerous resources enables the reader to quickly identify additional material for workshop use."
--Roger R. Pearman, president, Qualifying.org, Inc.

"Emotional Intelligence in Action delivers whether you are an EI newcomer or a seasoned professional with its refreshing ‘workouts’ and totally engaging approach. EIA passes my test; it is both fun to read and easy to implement. Hughes, Patterson, and Terrell make a significant contribution to EI and more importantly, will help you make a significant contribution to your organization."
--Scott Cawood, SPHR, vice president, Global Talent Management, Revlon; founder, Modern Think

"Emotional Intelligence in Action is a valuable resource that is loaded with exercises and experiential learning scenarios (‘workouts’) that all of us can profit from as we seek to understand more clearly what moves us and motivates us. More accurate, realistic information, in turn, allows us to reason with emotions and emotional signals. The ability to do that serves as a valuable foundation for creating real change."
--Wayne Cascio, US Bank Term Professor of Management, University of Colorado

"In all the training and developmental work I have done lately, I have seen repeatedly the importance of interactive experiences. To have tools to help people learn by experience is so valuable and clearly, the best way to promote learning. I am excited to have this excellent handbook to help individuals and teams strengthen their emotional intelligence. Hands On’ is the best!"
--Kathy Yeager, SPHR, vice president, human resources, The Medical Center of Aurora

"Wow! What an invaluable resource on Emotional Intelligence. The format is very user-friendly and the use of icons makes it easy to flip through to find exactly what you need at any given time. The matrix cross-referencing the competencies of the four major measures of Emotional Intelligence is incredible and enables use of the exercises regardless of measure utilized. The Star Performer pieces will help people really understand the competencies in action and the movie examples make it fun and help to bring the competencies to life. This guide also contains valuable information that can be used to "sell" Emotional Intelligence programs to senior leaders including the case study information and the power piece. The Reproducible Masters also make this an inestimable training resource on Emotional Intelligence. As a Leadership Development Manager for a Fortune 100 company, I will definitely use this with internal client groups."
--Deanna Coffin, Manager, Leadership Development

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