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Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry, Study Guide, 10th Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-06663-8
September 2011, ©2012
Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry, Study Guide, 10th Edition (1118066634) cover image
Readers seeking management careers in hospitality will enter a dynamic industry filled with opportunities. The rewards are many, but so are the challenges. Today's hospitality managers must deal with such complex factors as globalization, terrorism threats, ecotourism, internet commerce, new business and financial models, and rapidly changing consumer demands. Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry, 10th Edition gives readers the industry know-how and the management skills needed to thrive in all aspects of the field, from food service to lodging to tourism. The Tenth Edition of Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry features both historical perspectives and discussions of new trends in a variety of sectors. This book has the most thorough coverage of the hospitality industry, covering foodservice, lodging, and travel and tourism, hospitality careers, and hospitality management. Upon successful completion of this text, readers will have a strong grasp of the many facets of the hospitality industry.
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  • Expanded and enhanced discussions of sustainability and corporate responsibility
  • Discussion of demographics and changes within specific generations with special attention to the effects associated with aging Baby Boomers
  • Inclusion of new and emerging industry segments
  • More culinary examples including international culinary programs and an updated profile of the Research Chefs Association
  • New trends in on-site foodservice including those related to vending
  • An expanded section on franchising along with considerations of the global marketplace
  • More examples of the use of technology in both food service and lodging
  • A greater emphasis upon international travel and the associated effects on tourism along with the introduction of voluntourism
  • Revised and extended discussions of prominent gaming destinations such as Atlantic City, Mississippi Gulf Coast, and Macau
  • New focus on electronic resources in the management section, including on-line recruiting
  • Updated Internet exercises that can facilitate individual learning or group discussion
  • Addition of emerging perspectives on management and organization
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  • The classic introductory textbook for hospitality majors
  • Includes six chapters (chapters 15-20) on important management topics such as Planning, Organization, Staffing, Controls, and Leadership
  • Appealing full color interior design
  • Includes a full exploration of the significant changes that have taken place in hospitality and tourism in the post 9/11 world
  • "This Chapter Should Help You" learning objectives are directly tied to sections within each chapter, easily facilitating ready assessment of learning outcomes
  • Comprehensive treatment of the entire hospitality industry, and thoroughly updated to reflect the latest trends in the hospitality, foodservice, and travel/tourism industries
  • Learning objectives, summaries, review questions, key terms concepts are contained in each chapter
  • "Industry Practice Notes" take a closer look at specific trends in the hospitality industry
  • "Case Histories," which emphasize real-world examples from renowned hospitality organizations and associations
  • "Careers in Hospitality" discussion points are integrated throughout the book and are highlighted with an icon
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