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Cats for Dummies, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-06935-6
408 pages
April 2011
Cats for Dummies, 2nd Edition (1118069358) cover image


The most essential information for both potential cat owners and feline fanatics. Find out how to choose, housebreak, groom, and even travel with your feline friend.
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Table of Contents



Part I: Starting to Think Cat.

Chapter 1: A New Appreciation of the Cat.

Chapter 2: Narrowing the Choices.

Chapter 3: Considering Sources.

Chapter 4: Ferals: Special Cats, Special Considerations.

Part II: Bringing a Cat or Kitten into Your Life.

Chapter 5: Choosing Your Feline Companion.

Chapter 6: Getting the Relationship Started Right.

Chapter 7: Learninig Feline Body Language.

Chapter 8: All the Right Stuff.

Part III: Maintaining a Happy, Healthy Cat.

Chapter 9: Good Grooming.

Chapter 10: Feeding Your Cat.

Chapter 11: Preventive Health Care for Your Cat.

Chapter 12: Common Cat Health Problems.

Chapter 13: Caring for an Older Cat.

Part IV: Living Happily with Your Cat.

Chapter 14: Solving Behavior Problems.

Chapter 15: Getting Good Litter Box Behavior.

Chapter 16: Littering: Should Your Cat Become a Parent?

Chapter 17: One Is Never Enough: The Multicat Household.

Chapter 18: Out and About with Your Cat.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Cat Myths Debunked.

Chapter 20: Ten Things to Know in case of a Disaster.

Chapter 21: Ten Cat-Related Attractions on the Information Superhighway.

Chapter 22: Ten Common Household Dangers to Your Cat.

Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Make Your Indoor Cat Happier.

Chapter 24: Ten of the Best Things Ever Said about Cats.

Appendix: Additional Resources.


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Author Information

Gina Spadafori Gina is the author of the best-selling Dogs For Dummies, which was given the President's Award for the best writing on dogs and the Maxwell Medallion for the best general reference work, both by the Dog Writers Association of America. With top avian specialist Dr. Brian L. Speer, she has also written Birds For Dummies.

Along with Dr. Paul D. Pion, she was given the CWA's awards for the best work on feline nutrition, best work on feline behavior, and best work on responsible cat care for the first edition of Cats For Dummies. She and her pets divide their time between Northern California and South Georgia/North Florida.

Paul D. Pion , DVM, Diplomate, ACVIM (Cardiology):Paul is co-founder, president, and CEO of the Veterinary Information Network, Inc., and a boardcertified veterinary cardiologist. Paul has been awarded a Physician's Science Award by the National Institutes of Health, a Small Animal Research Award by Purina, the National Phi Zeta Award for one of the two most outstanding manuscripts in 1989, and a Special Recognition Award by the American Animal Hospital Association for innovations in the field of veterinary medicine.

Paul graduated from the veterinary college at Cornell University and has taught in the veterinary school at the Univesity of California, Davis. While at UCD, he made an important research discovery that has touched the lives of every cat in the world: He proved that deficiency of a single amino acid, taurine, was casuing heart disease in cats. His discovery was published as a cover article in SCIENCE, one of the most competitive and respected research journals and, more important, led to the reformulation of the world's cat foods and the virtual eradication of a heart disease that afflicted tens of thousands of cats annually in the late 80's.

Paul lived in Davis, California, with his wife, veterinarian Dr. Carla Weinberg, sons Luca and Joel, and a house full of pets.
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