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Dicho y hecho: Beginning Spanish, Transparencies , 9th Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-07590-6
June 2011, ©2012
Dicho y hecho: Beginning Spanish, Transparencies , 9th Edition (1118075900) cover image


Building on Dicho y hecho’s straight-forward, user-friendly approach to beginning Spanish, the Ninth Edition also incorporates new information on how teachers teach and students learn.  If you haven’t looked at Dicho y hecho in a while, you’ll want to look at it now!

Dicho y hecho provides students with abundant input, using new forms and structures, before moving them through guided practice to output. This empirically proven language teaching methodology, based on over 30 years of research, informs activity sequences throughout the program.

With an easy-to-implement, lively approach, Dicho y hecho makes learning Spanish an attainable goal and a truly enjoyable experience for both teachers and students.

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New to This Edition

  • Without sacrificing the scope of coverage in earlier editions, we have streamlined and rearranged some of the sequencing so that in the latter chapters (Capítulos 9–15), where language becomes more complex, each chapter contains only three grammar/structural topics.
  • We have consolidated the travel theme in Capítulo 13, De viaje, and a new Capítulo 14, El mundo moderno, now introduces the vocabulary of technology and communications, and explores high-interest topics like social networking and globalization.
  • We have worked through each activity set in the ninth edition to ensure that there is additional structured practice of new forms seamlessly woven into the communicative fabric. We have enhanced the program’s user-friendly nature and manageability, and sharpened the focus on four-skills development and cultural engagement.  Activity directions are in Spanish beginning in Capítulo 6.
  • The Dicho y hecho section has been revised to bring a consistent, balanced, and process-guided approach to the development of the four basic language skills.  Most notably, we have expanded aural comprehension to include the visual element in Para ver y escuchar, we have included the development of reading skills in Para leer, we have enhanced the development of conversational skills in Para conversar, and in Para escribir we have provided a guided process framework for each writing task.
  • Cultural exploration is now more meaningful and personal throughout the book with updated content and revised and expanded Antes de leer and Después de leer activities in each Cultura spread.
  • We have more fully integrated two strands of video, one situational, the other cultural with the core ninth-edition textbook. Lively situational dialogs that use chapter vocabulary and structures in the new VideoEscenas section, and topical documentary segments in the Dicho y hecho section are presented with straight-forward strategies and carefully crafted activities to develop solid listening skills.
  • The textbook design has been modified to enhance the straight-forward, user-friendly nature of the program.  Lexical and structural information is better identified, transitions from presentation to practice are more obvious, and association of art, photos, realia, boxed, and side-bar material to particular activities is clearer than ever.
  • We have moved the Así se pronuncia section to the lab manual portion of the Activities Manual along with the audio activities comprising the Escenas in the eighth edition.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • A complete program. With nearly 400,000 satisfied users and counting, Dicho y hecho offers a complete program designed to support you and your students as you create and carry out your course. Each chapter, integrating vocabulary, grammar, and cultural content into a cohesive unit, has been carefully developed to follow a consistent sequence of linguistic and cultural presentations, practice activities, and skill-building tasks both in print and online. WileyPLUS, an innovative, research-based, online environment for effective teaching and learning is offered to supplement the printed content. Robust Companion Sites for instructors and students are also available.
  • Flexible and easy-to-adapt. While it focuses on the essentials that students need to master beginner level language and cultural awareness, Dicho y hecho is flexible enough to adapt to any kind of course in the curriculum. Whether used on its own or supplemented with online resources, it maintains a clear direction for students, and solidly grounds them in the basics of the language.
  • Diverse and engaging. Dicho y hecho combines a broad array of class-tested and innovative activities that involve all language skills (viewing/listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and range from input processing to guided and structured output and opportunities for spontaneous and open-ended expression. Whole-class activities are interwoven with individual, paired, and small group exercises, all of which are sequenced to provide a varied pace and rhythm to every class meeting.
  • Grammar as a means for communication. Grammar is presented with precise, simple explanations, clear charts, and abundant example sentences that draw immediate connections between forms and their communicative use. Carefully sequenced activities take students from input comprehension to effective self expression.
  • High-frequency vocabulary and active use. Thematic units in each chapter present a selection of varied, practical, and high-frequency vocabulary in visual and written contexts. Activities range from identification in the chapter-opening art scenes and input-based exercises to personal expression and situational conversations that use the new vocabulary, resulting in effective acquisition of new words.
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