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Facebook Companion

ISBN: 978-1-118-08700-8
256 pages
July 2011
Facebook Companion (1118087003) cover image
Experience everything you can do on Facebook

Facebook has taken the world by storm and just breached the 500 million-user mark as its popularity continues to increase every day the world over. Yet, despite its popularity, many people are not aware of all that Facebook has to offer. This handy, approachable guide shares indispensible tips and shortcuts on everything from sharing videos to playing popular games like FarmVille and CityVille. The compact trim size is perfect for taking it with you wherever you go, just like you'll learn how to take Facebook everywhere on a smartphone.

  • Encourages you to enjoy your Facebook experience to its fullest potential, using the featured tips and shortcuts
  • Includes full-color screen shots and easy-to-digest information on all the key Facebook functions and features
  • Covers sharing videos, playing popular games, and taking Facebook everywhere you go on your mobile device

Face it: you need this book in order to enjoy your Facebook experience to the max!

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Chapter 1 Why Choose Facebook and How Do I Get Started?

Why Is Facebook the Best Social Network for Me?

Does It Cost Money to Join Facebook?

The Sign-Up Form.

How Do I Associate a Mobile Phone with My Account?


Related Questions.

Chapter 2 How Do I Set Up My Profile?

Basic Information.

City and Hometown.

Gender and Birthday.


About Me.

Selecting a Profile Picture.

Setting Up Featured People.

Relationship Status and Associated Partner.

Family Members.

Featured Friends.

Education and Work History.


Arts and Entertainment.


Activities and Interests.

Contact Information.


IM Screen Names.

Phone Numbers.



Related Questions.

Chapter 3 How Do I Navigate Facebook?

Top Blue Bar.

Down the Left Side.

News Feed.

Down the Right Side.

Chat Area.

Like Button.


Navigating Your Profile Page.

Examining the 2011 User Interface.

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Chapter 4 How Do I Find and Add Friends?

Use Facebook Search.

Send a Friend Request.

Invite Friends Via Third-Party Contact Lists.

Respond to Friend Requests.

Confirm a Friend Request.

Defer or Delete a Friend Request.

Suggest Friends to Others.

Join a Network.

Block People.

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Chapter 5 How Do I Communicate with Friends?

The Wall.

Send Messages.


Chat Options.

Initiating and Holding a Chat Session.

Poke Friends.

Tag Friends.

Related Questions.

Chapter 6 How Do I Share Photos and Videos?

Sharing Photos.

Upload a Photo From Your Drive.

Take a Photo with a Webcam.

Create an Album with Many Photos.

Send a Photo in a Message.

Share a Photo or Album.

Edit and Tag Photos.

Change Your Profile Picture.

Sharing Videos.

Upload a Video from Your Drive.

Record a Video with a Webcam.

Send a Video in a Message.

Share Videos with Others.

Tag and Comment on Videos.

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Chapter 7 What Are Events and How Can I Use Them?

How Are Facebook Events Different Than My Calendar?

Create an Event and Invite People to Come.

Manage Your Event.

RSVP to an Event.

Add Photos and Videos to an Event.

Facebook Treats a Birthday as an Event.

Related Questions.

Chapter 8 How Do I Optimize My Privacy Settings?

Privacy Settings.

Connecting on Facebook.

Sharing on Facebook.

Apps and Websites.

Block Lists.

Account Security.

Report Abuse.

Deactivating, Deleting, and Memorializing Accounts.

Related Questions.

Chapter 9 How Can I Use Facebook Effectively on My Mobile Phone?

Facebook Mobile Texts.

Facebook Mobile Web.

Upload Photos From Your Mobile Phone.

Facebook Smartphone Applications.

Apple iOS Devices.

Google Android Devices.

RIM BlackBerry Devices.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Devices.

HP webOS Devices.

Nokia Symbian Devices.

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Chapter 10 What Is Facebook Places and Why Would I Want to Share My Location?

What Is Places?

Share My Location with Places on a Mobile Phone.

Create or Edit a Place.

Tag Friends at a Place.

Check Info and Add Photos for a Place.

Receive Discounts for Using Places.

Places Privacy.

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Chapter 11 What Are Groups and How Can I Use Them?

What Is a Group Used For?

Create a Group.

Join a Group.

Leave or Delete a Group.

Share Content with a Group.

Post a Comment.

Share a Photo, Video, or Link with Your Group.

Create a Group Event.

Group Chat.

Group Docs.

Group Notifications.

Related Questions.

Chapter 12 What Are Facebook Applications and How Can I Use Them?

What Is an Application on Facebook?

Find Applications.

Find Applications in the Application Directory.

Find Applications Your Friends Like.

Find Multiple Applications From One Developer.

Grant Applications Access to Your Information.

Use Applications.


Utilities and Other Apps.

Spend Money on Facebook with Games and Apps.

Remove or Delete Applications.

Manage Application Settings.

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Chapter 13 What Are Facebook Pages and How Can I Set Them Up?

What Is a Facebook Page?

Create a Page.

Administer a Page.

Page Applications.

Promote Your Page.

Create an Update.

Related Questions.

Chapter 14 How Can I Use Facebook to Build and Promote My Business?

Using Facebook Ads For Your Business.

Facebook Ads Target Specific Users.

Advertising on Facebook.

Using Facebook as a Platform for Developers.

Creating and Maintaining a Business Account.

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Matthew Miller is the author of Windows Phone 7 Companion and Master Visually Windows Mobile 2003; writes both the ZDNet Mobile Gadgeteer and Smartphones & Cell Phones blogs; has published works in iPhone Life Magazine, Pocket PC Magazine, and more; and is co-host of the Mobile Tech Roundup podcast.
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