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Professional Practice for Interior Designers, 5th Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-09079-4
736 pages
August 2013
Professional Practice for Interior Designers, 5th Edition (1118090799) cover image


This updated edition of the most comprehensive business guide for designers covers the interior design profession in a clear and well-organized style. From establishing a practice to managing a project, the reader progresses through all aspects of the business, whether in a small or large firm. The new edition includes additional information on ethics, as well as a companion website containing sample forms and other resources. This book is recommended by the NCIDQ as preparation for their professional registration examination.

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Table of Contents

Preface xv

Acknowledgments xix

1. Interior Design as a Profession 1

Why Study Professional Practice? 2

Defining the Profession 3

What Is a Profession? 4

Professional Responsibility in a Changing World 4

Historical Overview 6

Interior Design Divisions 10

Interior Design Value 11

The Business of Interior Design 12

2. Professional Advancement 19

Educational Preparation 20

Internships 22

Lifelong Learning 24

NCIDQ Examination 25

Licensing and Registration 28

Professional Associations 31

Social Responsibility 37

3. Ethics and Professional Conduct 43

Ethical Standards 44

Ethics in the Business Environment 45

Professional Conduct 49

Disciplinary Procedures 55

4. Legal Responsibilities 59

The Legal Environment of Interior Design Practice 60

Criminal versus Tort Law 63

Negligence 64

The Seller’s Rights and Obligations 178

Statute of Frauds 179

The Sales Contract 181

Electronic Agreements and Signatures 186

Sales on Approval 189

Title 189

Risk 190

Warranties and Product Liability 191

10. Trade Sources 201

Manufacturers 202

Sales Representatives 203

Marts, Showrooms, and Market Centers 204

Local Showrooms 205

Retail Specialty Stores 206

Manufacturer’s Dealers 206

Internet Sourcing 206

Tradespeople and Craftspeople 207

Construction Contractors 208

Selecting Trade Sources 209

11. The Project Management Process 215

What Is Project Management? 216

The Role of the Designer/Specifier 219

Bringing Value to Clients through Design 221

Phases of an Interior Design Project 222

Project Delivery Methods 231

Stakeholders 233

Selecting Project Teams 235

Plan Review Boards 236

Project Schedules 238

Project Budgeting 240

Managing and Recording Your Time 243

Project Files or Job Books 249

Building Information Modeling (BIM) 253

Value Engineering 254

12. Contract Documents and Specifications 257

Contract Documents 258

Specifications 262

Specifications Organization 267

Sustainable Product Specifications 269

Construction Agreement 270

Competitive Bidding 271

Modifications 280

Submittals 283

13. Contract Administration: Construction and Order Processing 287

Contract Administration: Construction 288

Contract Administration: Procurement and Order Processing 290

Shipping and Freight 306

Expediting 307

14. Contract Administration: Delivery and Project Closeout 311

Delivery and Installation 312

Project Closeout 316

Postoccupancy and Follow-Up 319

15. Creating and Managing an Interior Design Practice 325

Understanding Motivations and Risks of Business Ownership 326

Advantages and Disadvantages of Business Ownership 329

Functions of Management 331

Management Styles 334

Working Alone 335

The Stages of a Business 336

Buying an Existing Business 338

16. Advice and Counsel 343

Attorney 344

Accountant 345

Banker 346

Sources of Capital 347

Establishing Business Credit 349

Insurance 350

Technical Consultants 355

Sources of Information and Assistance 355

17. Preparing the Business Plan 361

The Business Plan 362

Start-Up Costs 366

Setting Up the Office 367

18. Business Formations 377

Sole Proprietorship 378

Partnerships 380

Limited Liability Company 383

Corporations 384

Joint Venture 389

19. Business Legal Filings and Licenses 393

Business Legal Filings 394

Licenses 397

Income Tax Basics 399

20. Strategic Planning: Designing the Future 405

The Importance of Planning 406

Strategic Planning Basics 407

Mission Statements 408

Business Analysis 409

Business Goals, Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics 412

Budgeting 412

Measuring Performance 414

Benchmarking 415

21. Money Management 419

Accounting Methods: Accrual versus Cash Accounting 420

Accounting Records and Systems 422

Basic Financial Reports: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows 426

Managing Your Finances 434

Controlling Overhead 444

Computer Applications for Accounting 445

22. Fundamentals of Marketing 449

Branding 450

Target Marketing 452

Establishing a Niche 454

The Four Ps of Marketing 455

Marketing Analysis 457

Marketing Plan 458

23. Promotional Basics 463

Promotion 464

Public Relations 465

Publicity 466

Press Releases 467

Advertising 469

Internet and Social Media Marketing 470

Referrals 477

Networking 478

24. Promotional Tools and Methods 483

The Graphic Image and Stationery 484

Photo Portfolio 487

Brochures 488

Competitions 488

Direct Mail 490

Publication 491

Proposals as a Marketing Tool 493

25. Selling Strategies 501

What Is Selling? 502

Selling Services versus Products 503

The Buyer Decision-Making Process 504

Buyer Demographics 505

Building Client Relationships 507

Selling Techniques 508

Negotiating 510

The Selling Process 512

26. Design Presentations 519

Presentations 520

The Initial Client Interview 521

Project Presentations 522

Closing Techniques 526

Overcoming Objections 528

Follow-Up 530

Additional Guidelines for Making Presentations 530

Good Impressions 531

27. Employee Management 537

The Agency Relationship 538

Job Classifications 541

Job Descriptions 545

Employment at Will 547

Employment Contracts 549

Independent Contractors 553

Compensation and Fringe Benefits 555

The Performance Evaluation 560

The Employee Handbook 561

Mentoring 563

Sexual Harassment 564

Federal Laws Regulating Employment 565

28. Goals and Career Options 571

A Personal Mission Statement 572

Personal and Professional Goals 572

Career Decisions 576

Design Career Specialties 577

29. The Job Search 587

The Search Is On 588

Resumés 591

Resumé Format 597

The Cover Letter 601

Portfolios 606

Digital Job Search Strategies 609

30. On the Job 619

How Employers Review Resumés and Cover Letters 620

The Job Interview 621

Typical Interview Questions 626

Illegal Questions 630

Follow-Up 630

Your First Job 631

On-the-Job Strategies 635

Making a Career Change 635

Appendix 641

Glossary 643

General References 665

Index 695

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Author Information

CHRISTINE M. PIOTROWSKI, FASID, IIDA, currently based in Phoenix, Arizona, provides consulting services to interior designers on business practices. She is a former professor of interior design at Northern Arizona University and has more than twenty-five years of commercial and residential design experience. She has won the ASID/Polsky Prize twice and received honorable mention once. Her books include Becoming an Interior Designer, Designing Commercial Interiors, and Problem Solving and Critical Thinking for Designers.

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Press Release

October 09, 2013
Wiley Releases New Essential References for Students & Professional Interior Designers

John Wiley & Sons, a leader in architectural & interior design publishing, is releasing three new titles for interior designers and students that, combined, cover everything a new or practicing interior designer needs to know to build a solid foundation in their craft.  From the history of interior design, to the best practices of working in the profession, and even the materials used and their application, it’s a complete library for interior designers no matter where they are in their careers.

         The first title, A HISTORY OF INTERIOR DESIGN, 4th Edition, (ISBN: 978-1-118-40351-8, October 14, 2013, $120.00) is the gold standard for the history of interior design, completely revised and expanded, and it now reflects greater coverage of non-Western design, as well as vernacular and residential interiors. Additionally, more consideration of sustainable design also makes A HISTORY OF INTERIOR DESIGN the most relevant text available.  Lavishly illustrated, this book is essential to anyone who appreciates interior design as well as antiques, furniture design, textiles, decorative objects and the general evolution of the space where people work and live.

         PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE FOR INTERIOR DESIGNERS, 5th Edition (ISBN: 978-1-118-09079-4, September 23, 2013, $90.00) is the second title of the group.  Considered the most comprehensive business guide for designers, PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE FOR INTERIOR DESIGNERS has been used by tens of thousands of aspiring designers and working professionals since it was first published in 1989. Author, Christine Piotrowski, covers the issues and tools essential to the interior design profession in a clear and well-organized fashion. From establishing a practice, design contracts, fees, financial management, project management, contract administration, and career options, the reader progresses through all aspects of the business, whether in a small or a large firm. The winner of the American Society of Interior Designer's prestigious Polsky Award for its First Edition, no other book approaches the comprehensiveness or relevance for the practicing interior designer.

         Lastly, the third title, MATERIALS FOR INTERIOR ENVIRONMENTS, 2nd Edition (ISBN: 978-1-118-30635-2, November 4, 2013, $95.00) helps designers successfully address material evaluation and selection of interior components. Organized by types of materials and applications, the technical information for each material is presented in a concise reference format to aid designers in their design solutions.  Covering all aspects of interior design materials, from aesthetic qualities to manufacturing and fabrication, applications, installation and maintenance, and specifications for materials used in commercial and residential applications, this book is engagingly written, highly detailed, and helpfully illustrated with more than 550 color illustrations.
         All three titles are now available for purchase online and at retailers nationwide in both print and all e-book formats. For a list of retailers, visit www.wiley.com.


About the Authors

Professional Practice for Interior Designers, 5th Edition

Christine M. Piotrowski, FASID, IIDA, currently based in Phoenix, Arizona, provides consulting services to interior designers on business practices. She is a former professor of interior design at Northern Arizona University and has more than twenty-five years of commercial and residential design experience. She has won the ASID/Polsky Prize twice and received honorable mention once. Her books include Becoming an Interior Designer, Designing Commercial Interiors, and Problem Solving and Critical Thinking for Designers. all published by Wiley.

A History of Interior Design, 4th Edition

John Pile was Professor of Design at the renowned Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, for most of his career.  He was the author of twelve books on furniture, color, draughtsmanship, office planning and other aspects of interior design.  John Pile had taught interior and industrial design since 1948, and was also a practicing interior designer and design consultant who has worked for a number of prestigious firms including Knoll International, George Nelson, and Donald Deskey Associates.

Materials for Interior Environments, 2nd Edition

Corky Binggeli, ASID, is a principal at Corky Binggeli Interior Design in Boston and has taught at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston and Boston Architectural College. A professional member of ASID and past President of ASID New England, she is the author of Graphic Standards Field Guide to Commercial Interiors, Building Systems for Interior Designers, co-author with Francis DK Ching of Interior Design Illustrated, and editor of Interior Graphic Standards, Second Edition, all from Wiley.



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