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The Internet For Dummies, 13th Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-09614-7
408 pages
November 2011
The Internet For Dummies, 13th Edition (1118096142) cover image
The latest update to a perennial bestseller gets you up and running on the Internet!

Now in its lucky thirteenth edition, this peerless book has outsold and outlasted all the competition. Veteran authors John Levine and Margaret Young return with an updated road map to both the online tools and resources that have defined the Internet for years, as well as all the new things that keep Internet users interested. You'll not only find a lot of the basics presented in a straightforward and friendly style, you'll also get the latest on social networking, security, and much more.

The authors begin with an overview of all things Internet-related and branch into vital topics such as keeping personal information secure and protecting your kids online. You'll gain valuable insight to web browsers, search options, online shopping, and personal finance tools. Before you know it, you'll know how to use Internet tools to find, stream, download, or share music, video, and photos. Helpful advice on staying in touch walks you through setting up and using online e-mail, chat, and social networking sites.

  • Introduces you to what's online, how to deal with annoyances like spam and spyware, and how to control what your kids see and do online
  • Walks you through picking a provider, getting hooked up to the Internet, and sharing a connection in your home or with other devices
  • Gives you a guided a tour through popular web browsers, getting good search results; finding music and video; shopping; banking; and sharing files
  • Also covers e-mail, connecting with friends, online chats, and more
  • Helps you find the hot social networking sites and see how to handle photo and video sharing

Get going and get online with this easy-to-understand, helpful guide!

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Introduction 1

Part I: Welcome to the Internet 7

Chapter 1: What’s So Great about the Internet? 9

Chapter 2: Is the Internet Safe? Viruses, Spyware, Spam, and Other Yucky Stuff 17

Chapter 3: Kids and the Net 37

Part II: Internet, Here I Come! 49

Chapter 4: Assembling Your Gear and Climbing on the Net 51

Chapter 5: Connecting with Wi-Fi, Laptops, and Smartphones 73

Chapter 6: Welcome to the Wild, Wonderful, Wacky Web 91

Chapter 7: Taking Your Browser for a Spin 109

Part III: Hanging Out with Friends Online 135

Chapter 8: It's in the Mail: Sending and Receiving E-Mail 137

Chapter 9: Putting Your Mail in Its Place 163

Chapter 10: Getting Social with Facebook and Google+ 183

Chapter 11: Tweeting about Your Life 197

Chapter 12: Typing and Talking on the Net 207

Part IV: The Web Is Full of Cool Stuff 233

Chapter 13: Needles and Haystacks: Finding Almost Anything on the Net 235

Chapter 14: Music and Video on the Web 257

Chapter 15: More Shopping, Less Dropping 273

Chapter 16: Banking, Bill Paying, and Investing Online 291

Part V: Putting Your Own Stuff on the Net 305

Chapter 17: Making a Splash Online 307

Chapter 18: Blogging: The World Reads Your Diary 319

Part VI: The Part of Tens 327

Chapter 19: Ten Problems and Ten Solutions 329

Chapter 20: Ten Fun Things to Do Online 339

Chapter 21: Ten Worthwhile Things to Do Online 347

Index 353

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John R. Levine is a recognized technology expert. He is employed as a consumer advocate battling online fraud and e-mail spam.

Margaret Levine Young is a software engineer and a longtime tech author. She has tackled topics ranging from Access and the Internet to Windows and beyond.

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