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Android Tablet Application Development For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-09623-9
384 pages
December 2011
Android Tablet Application Development For Dummies (1118096231) cover image


Get up to speed on the hottest opportunity in the application development arena

App development for tablets is a booming business. Android tablets, including the popular Motorola Xoom, are gaining market share at breakneck speed, and this book can have even novice programmers creating great Android apps specifically for tablets quickly and easily. A little Java knowledge is helpful but not essential to get started creating apps. Android expert Donn Felker helps you get the Android environment up and running, use XML to create application menus, create an icon for your app, and submit your app to the Android Market.

You'll also learn to create an SQLite database to run behind your app and how to allow users to tailor your app to their needs.

  • Tablet application development is booming, and Android tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom, are rapidly gaining market share
  • This easy-to-follow guide helps new and veteran programmers set up the Android tablet environment, work with Google's notification system, and design apps that take advantage of larger tablet screens
  • Covers using XML to create application menus, creating an icon for your app, and submitting your app to the Android Market
  • Demonstrates notifications, how to create an SQLite database to run behind an application, and how to set up your app so users can choose options that tailor the app to their individual needs

If you want to break into the growing Android tablet application development market, look no further than Android Tablet Application Development For Dummies!

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part I: The Nuts and Bolts of Android Tablets 7

Chapter 1: Developing Spectacular Android Tablet Applications 9

Chapter 2: Switching to Tablet App Development 21

Chapter 3: Developing for Android Tablets 27

Chapter 4: Prepping Your Development Headquarters 35

Chapter 5: Your First Android Project 57

Part II: Building and Publishing Your First Android Tablet Application 93

Chapter 6: Designing the User Interface 95

Chapter 7: Coding Your Application 111

Chapter 8: Turning Your Application into an App Widget 151

Chapter 9: Understanding Android Resources 183

Chapter 10: Publishing Your App to the Android Market 191

Part III: Creating a Feature-Rich Application 213

Chapter 11: Designing the Task Reminder Application 215

Chapter 12: Going à la Carte with Your Menu 235

Chapter 13: Handling User Input 245

Chapter 14: Getting Persistent with Data Storage 265

Chapter 15: Reminding the User with AlarmManager 295

Chapter 16: Updating the Android Status Bar 307

Chapter 17: Working with Android’s Preference Framework 315

Part IV: The Part of Tens 329

Chapter 18: Ten Great Free Sample Applications and SDKs (with Code!) 331

Chapter 19: Ten Tools That Make Your Developing Life Easier 335

Index 339

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Author Information

Donn Felker has been an independent consultant for more than a decade. He's an Android developer, a Microsoft ASP Insider, and the founder of Agilevent, an agile and mobile software development company. Donn is also the author of Android Application Development For Dummies.

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Code Files for the ScreenBrightnessToggle Application
Sample code files for the book's ScreenBrightnessToggle app.
549.64 KB Click to Download
Code Files for the TaskReminder Application
Sample code files for the book's TaskReminder app.
125.96 KB Click to Download
Bonus video
Screencast that demonstrates how to use strings files to store application data.
22.21 MB Click to Download
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Android Tablet Application Development For Dummies
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Press Release

November 11, 2011
Android Tablet Application Development For Dummies

Dummies author and Android developer Donn Felker shows readers how to use the strings.xml file as well as additional strings files to store configuration data for their Android applications.

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