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Portrait and Candid Photography Photo Workshop, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-10005-9
320 pages
December 2011
Portrait and Candid Photography Photo Workshop, 2nd Edition (1118100050) cover image
The latest tips and tricks for capturing high-quality photos

Taking great "people pictures" isn't a matter of luck. The secret is in observing your subjects and connecting with them, and then using your camera to its best advantage. This new edition uses full-color photos to demonstrate how to work with lighting, location, angle, composition, physical characteristics, and environment in either portrait or candid situations. Professional photographer and veteran author Erin Manning offers invaluable advice for handling the unique challenges of photographing babies, large and small groups, and action.

Assignments at the end of each chapter encourage you to test your newfound skills, while visiting pwsbooks.com allows you to post your work and benefit from feedback and constructive criticism.

  • Explains how to study your subjects in their natural habitat, while you observe how they react and interact
  • Features invaluable advice from veteran author Erin Manning that shares simple techniques for improving photos of babies and children
  • Zeroes in on how to best capture facial expressions
  • Highlights ways to tell a story with a series of candid photos
  • Helps you add interest to large-group shots

When you apply the techniques featured on the pages of Portrait and Candid Photography Photo Workshop, 2nd Edition, you'll watch your subjects come to life.

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Chapter 1 What You Must Know About Photographing People 2

Observe and Connect with People 4

Understand Light 9

Express Yourself 12

Chapter 2 Equipment Basics 20

Cameras 22

Image Storage 28

Lenses and Filters 30

Tripods 35

Reflectors and Diffusers 38

Lights and Accessories 39

Odds 'n' Ends 43

Chapter 3 Working with Light 50

Recognize the Characteristics of Light 52

Find the Light 62

Expose for the Light 68

Control the Light 77

Lighting Techniques for Artificial Light 80

Chapter 4 Composing Your Portraits 88

Composition Basics 90

Point of View and Focus 104

Chapter 5 Capturing Portraits 112

Create the Look 115

Explore the Light 122

Work with Your Subject 126

Experiment 133

Chapter 6 Families and Groups 138

Prepare 140

Direct and Position the Group 145

Capture Candids 152

Get Creative 154

Optimize Your Camera Settings 158

Chapter 7 Kids 162

Direct the Kids 164

Keep It Real 173

Compose the Shot 176

Chapter 8 Babies 184

Get Comfortable with the Baby 186

Keep It Simple 190

Use Soft Light 197

Seize the Moment 199

Chapter 9 Action Shots 206

Use Your Camera and Lens 208

Freeze the Action 217

Blur the Motion 221

Chapter 10 Postproduction, Sharing, and Saving 228

Manage Your Images 230

Basic Image Editing 237

Share and Save Your Images 262

Appendix 268

Glossary 276

Index 287

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Erin Manning is a professional photographer, author, educator, and media personality. Television viewers know Erin best as the digital photography expert and host of DIY Network's Telly Award-winning TV series The Whole Picture. She enjoys helping people understand photography and technology with a clear, friendly teaching style. Erin is also author of Make Money With Your Digital Photography, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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December 19, 2011
Portrait and Candid Photography Photo Workshop, 2nd Edition

Wiley announces Portrait and Candid Photography Photo Workshop, 2nd Edition (Wiley; 978-1-1181-0005-9; December 2011) by expert Erin Manning, professional photographer, author, educator, and media personality. Now in its second edition, the book is fully updated with new full-color images throughout and the latest tips and tricks for capturing the best photos of posed subjects or candid shots of friends and family in everyday situations.

The newest release in Wiley’s Photo Workshop series, Portrait and Candid Photography Photo Workshop, 2nd Edition, shares the secrets behind the technology and techniques in connecting with and photographing people, as well as the basics for developing an artistic eye. With hundreds of full-color images and step-by-step instructions, author Erin Manning informs and inspires readers, providing them with the skills and confidence to successfully use the digital camera as a tool to create and capture life's moments.

Manning has developed her craft by working as a commercial, portrait, and stock photographer, as well as completing a degree in studio art/graphic design. Today Manning shares her secrets for capturing great moments, and at the end of each chapter she offers assignments so readers can try out their new portrait and candid photography skills. Additionally, readers can upload their photos to Photoworkshop.com and get feedback from other readers. This combination of traditional print instruction mixed with the social aspects of the Internet puts photographers on the fast track to mastering portrait photography. Portrait and Candid Photography Photo Workshop, 2nd Edition also includes coverage of:

  • Equipment Basics
  • Working with Light
  • Composing Portraits
  • Capturing Portraits
  • Shooting Families and Groups
  • Shooting Kids & Babies
  • Capturing Action Shots
  • Postproduction, Sharing, and Saving

Portrait and Candid Photography Photo Workshop, 2nd Edition is the perfect combination of self-paced instruction with an online component that includes a built in community of over 100,000 photographers to help newcomers sharpen their skills. This book is essential for any amateur or student of photography that wants to take their portrait and candid photography skills to the next level.

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