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An Overview of Global Strategic Sourcing

ISBN: 978-1-118-10015-8
May 2011
An Overview of Global Strategic Sourcing (1118100158) cover image


This selection discusses global sourcing and explores strategies for locating, qualifying, and employing suppliers that add maximum value to your business. Discover profit-boosting opportunities specific to your market environment by following Sollish's clear steps for analyzing and implementing a strategic sourcing plan. Other topics covered include investigating sourcing opportunities, co-sourcing and strategic alliances, and reducing supply risk.
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Table of Contents



Chapter 1 An Overview of Global Strategic Sourcing.

The Strategic Sourcing Plan.

Operational Sourcing Strategy.


Chapter 2 Operational Alignment with Sourcing Strategy.

Understanding Requirements.

Opportunity Analysis.

Category Segmentation.


Chapter 3 Source to Settle (S2S).

Why Source-to-Settle?

Implementing an S2S Process.

Managing the S2S Process.

Outsourcing the S2S Process.


Chapter 4 Cultural Considerations for Global Sourcing.

Conducting Business in Other Nations.

Cultural Values.

Sourcing Challenges.


Chapter 5 Supplier Research and Market Analysis.

Conducting Supplier Research.

Conducting Market Analysis.


Chapter 6 Solicitation of Bids and Proposals.

Solicitation Planning.

Solicitation Methods.


Chapter 7 Supplier Evaluation and Selection.

Evaluation Criteria.


Chapter 8 Negotiation Revisited.

The Nature of Negotiation.

Negotiation Strategy.

Negotiation Planning.

Developing a Negotiation Plan.

Exception Conditions.


Chapter 9 Supplier Diversity.

Diversity Programs.

The Business Case for Diversity.

Supplier Diversity Best Practices.

Global Supplier Diversity.

Diversity Advocacy Organizations.


Chapter 10 Sustainability.

Issues in Sustainability.


Criteria for Supplier Evaluation.


Chapter 11 Risk.

The Nature of Risk.

Why Is Understanding Risk Important?

Risk Management Principles.


Chapter 12 Global Sourcing.

Developing a Global Sourcing Strategy.

International Trade Requirements.



Suggested Reading.

About the Authors.


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Author Information

FRED SOLLISH, MS, is the Managing Director of eParagon, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in providing training and working tools for the supply management profession. Fred is former president and CEO of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Silicon Valley affiliate and is a longtime member of its Board of Directors. He is also an instructor for sourcing, supply management, and purchasing related courses. His online strategic sourcing program can be found at supplyknowledge.coggno.com.

JOHN SEMANIK, MBA, is cofounder and Director of eParagon, LLC. He has served in senior corporate supply chain management positions at such leading-edge companies as Hewlett-Packard Company, Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle), and Xilinx, Inc.?John was founder, managing director, and instructor for San Jose State University's Professional Development curriculum in supply chain management and purchasing. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Silicon Valley affiliate.

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