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iPad at Work

David Sparks, Merlin Mann (Foreword by)
ISBN: 978-1-118-10056-1
368 pages
October 2011
iPad at Work (1118100565) cover image


Great ideas and advice on using your iPad as a business tool!

More and more iPad users discover every day that the versatile, portable iPad has countless business uses. From small businesses to high-profile corporations, companies are integrating iPads into their systems and workplaces at a phenomenal rate.

Written by the acclaimed co-host of the Mac Power Users podcast, iPad at Work explores the best practices and software recommendations for incorporating the iPad into a work environment. It covers setting up the iPad and using it for enterprise level word processing, spreadsheet creation, presentations, task management, project management, graphic design, communication, and much more.

  • Offers recommendations for software, best practices, and ways to maximize productivity with the iPad in the workplace
  • Discusses using the iPad for enterprise level word processing, spreadsheet creation, presentations, task management, project management, graphic design, communication, and more
  • Covers set-up, synchronization, data backup, and communicating with work networks
  • Written by renowned industry expert, David Sparks, co-host of the Mac Power Users podcast

This is the guide you need to take full advantage of the iPad in a business setting.

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments v

Credits vi

About the Author vii

Foreword xvi

Introduction xx

All about Gestures xxi

Of Macs, Menus, and Codes xxii

All about QR Codes xxii

Part I: IPad BasIcs 1

Chapter 1: IPad Fundamentals 2

Chapter 2: Useful Utilities 28

Chapter 3: Security 36

Part II: Communications and Connections 49

Chapter 4: The Internet 50

Chapter 5: The Cloud 68

Chapter 6: E-mail 80

Chapter 7: Contacts 90

Chapter 8: Calendars 98

Chapter 9: Video Conferencing and Messaging 110

Chapter 10: Remote Access 116

Chapter 11: Travel 124

Chapter 12: The Enterprise 138

Part III: iPad Productivity 145

Chapter 13: Writing 146

Chapter 14: PDFs and Your iPad 178

Chapter 15: Reading Books 190

Chapter 16: Notes and Meetings 204

Chapter 17: Brainstorming 216

Chapter 18: Presentations 226

Chapter 19: Task Management 242

Chapter 20: Calculators and Spreadsheets 258

Chapter 21: Business Graphics 280

Chapter 22: Databases 292

Chapter 23: Project Management 304

Chapter 24: Billing and Finance 314

Appendixes 325

Appendix A: The iPad for Specialty Work 326

Appendix B: Index 334

Appendix C: Book Excerpt: Mac at Work 342

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Author Information

David Sparks is a California trial attorney and a regular faculty member for the American Bar Association's annual TechShow as well as for Macworld Conference and Expo. An Apple aficionado, he is editor of www.MacSparky.com (where he writes about Apple technology and productivity) and cohost of the popular "Mac Power Users" podcast.
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Press Release

October 10, 2011
iPad at Work

With the widespread adoption of iPads into the enterprise market, businesses need to know how to best integrate iPads into a typical work environment and get the most productivity out of these new devices. Now available from Wiley, iPad at Work (ISBN: 978-1-1181-0056-1; October 2011; $29.99) helps guide users through the process of incorporating the iPad into a business environment. 

            For anyone who has recently started using the iPad for work and wants to get as much productivity as they can out of it, iPad at Work provides essential and in-depth coverage of a variety of productivity-related topics. Written by David Sparks, host of the Mac Power Users podcast and author of Mac at Work, this new guide explores the process and value of incorporating the iPad into a work environment. From basics such as setting up and getting started with an iPad, to tips on the best practices for enterprise level word processing, spreadsheet creation, presenting, task management, project management, graphic design, and communication, Sparks covers all the bases and demonstrates the versatility of the iPad.  Readers learn how to get things done, including:

  • Setting up the iPad for business, syncing it, backing it up, and choosing accessories & utilities
  • Investigating browser options, managing a Twitter feed, safely using cloud storage, setting up a video conference, and exploring e-meeting options
  • Booking flights and hotels, navigating a city, and converting currency
  • Exploring choices for word processing, spreadsheets, note-taking, presentations, e-mail, reading e-books, and more
  • Discovering apps that work for specific industries
  • Communicating with Windows networks

            The iPad offers a platform that is unbeatable in many respects including portability, battery life, and constant connectivity.  Being such a new platform and a new way of interacting with information, it’s a completely different way to get work done.  iPad at Work is the guide to turn to when learning how to best integrate an iPad into a typical work environment and getting the most productivity out of these wildly popular devices.


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