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Natural Products in Chemical Biology

Natanya Civjan (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-118-10117-9
436 pages
July 2012
Natural Products in Chemical Biology (1118101170) cover image
Based on the award winning Wiley Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology, this book provides a general overview of the unique features of the small molecules referred to as "natural products", explores how this traditionally organic chemistry-based field was transformed by insights from genetics and biochemistry, and highlights some promising future directions. The book begins by introducing natural products from different origins, moves on to presenting and discussing biosynthesis of various classes of natural products, and then looks at natural products as models and the possibilities of using them in medicine.
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Preface vii

Contributors ix


1 Plant Natural Products 3
A. Leslie Gunatilaka

2 Marine Natural Products 31
Nobuhiro Fusetani

3 Microbial Natural Products 65
Sergio Sanchez, Silvia Guzma´n-Trampe, Mariana A´valos, Beatriz Ruiz, Romina Rodr´ęguez-Sanoja, and Manuel Jim´enez-Estrada


4 Nonribosomal Peptides 111
Georg Schoenafinger and Mohamed A. Marahiel

5 Plant Terpenoids 127
Christopher I. Keeling and J¨org Bohlmann

6 Polyketides in Fungi 143
Thomas J. Simpson and Russell J. Cox

7 Modular Polyketide Synthases 163
Tonia J. Buchholz, Jeffrey D. Kittendorf, and David H. Sherman

8 Polyketide Polyethers 189
Alison M. Hill

9 Alkaloids 209
Sarah E. O’Connor

10 Cofactors 239
Ilka Haase, Markus Fischer, Adelbert Bacher, Wolfgang Eisenreich, and Felix Rohdich

11 Antibiotics 269
Sergey B. Zotchev


12 Pharmaceuticals: Natural Products and Natural Product Models 289
Sheo B. Singh

13 Natural Products as Anticancer Agents 325
David G. I. Kingston and David J. Newman

14 Plant-Derived Natural Products Research in Drug Discovery 351
Kuo-Hsiung Lee, Hideji Itokawa, Toshiyuki Akiyama, and Susan L. Morris-Natschke

Index 389

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NATANYA CIVJAN, PhD, is a freelance editor with a doctorate in biochemistry. Formerly with John Wiley & Sons, she has developed and edited the Wiley Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology and was part of the team responsible for the Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews, which won top prizes in publishing from the American Publishers Awards for Professional and Scholarly Excellence.

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“In summary, this is a really good book from a number of prominent research groups who have made important contributions to their fields.  Some chapters are well suited for newcomers to the subject, as well as for teaching or for reading by interested students.”  (Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 19 March 2014)


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