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GMAT Business Ready: Statistics Module

ISBN: 978-1-118-11184-0
May 2011
GMAT Business Ready: Statistics Module (1118111842) cover image


Essential Prep is an online learning program that students can review at their own pace, so they can begin classes ready to learn at the graduate level. The program features four prep courses that cover the essential concepts in Accounting, Finance, Statistics, and Quantitative Skills that every incoming business school student needs. Students may purchase all four courses bundled into one money-saving collection, or purchase individually. The program is completely Web-based, so that students can access it anytime, anywhere they have an Internet connection. No downloading or additional software required. Access codes, when purchased, allow students access for one year.

·         Comprehensive lectures use animated graphics and videos to clearly explain all the concepts your students need to hit the ground running.

·         The Test Your Knowledge feature lets students pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses so they can customize their learning experience to their needs.

·         Interactive practices and real-world case studies teach students how to put theory into action.



A detailed overview of the concepts and tools used to collect, evaluate, and interpret business data

Topics include:

·         Descriptive statistics

·         Hypothesis testing

·         Regression analysis

·         Probability distributions

·         Sampling

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