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Litigation Services Handbook: The Role of the Financial Expert, 5th Edition

Roman L. Weil (Editor), Daniel G. Lentz (Editor), David P. Hoffman (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-118-11639-5
1152 pages
August 2012
Litigation Services Handbook: The Role of the Financial Expert, 5th Edition (1118116399) cover image

Here’s all the information you need to provide your clients with superior litigation support services. Get up to speed quickly, with the aid of top experts, on trial preparation and testimony presentation, deposition, direct examination, and cross-examination. Authoritative and highly practical, this is THE essential guide for any financial expert wanting to prosper in this lucrative new area, the lawyers who hire them, and litigants who benefit from their efforts.

 "This work of amazing breadth and depth covers the central issues that arise in financial expert testimony. It is an essential reference for counsel and practitioners in the field."—Joseph A. Grundfest, The William A. Franke Professor of Law and Business, Stanford Law School; former commissioner, United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Preface xi

About the Editors xv

About the Contributors xix


1. A Dispute Resolution Primer, David P. Hoffman, Daniel G. Lentz, Roman L. Weil

2. Serving as a Financial Expert in Litigation, Stephen L. Buffo, David P. Hoffman, Roman L. Weil


3. Causation Issues and Expert Testimony, Randy C. Joshi, Catherine F. Madrid, Lee-Anne V. Mulholland

4. Developing Damages Theories and Models, Elizabeth A. Evans, Joseph J. Galanti, Daniel G. Lentz

5. Ex Ante versus Ex Post Damages Calculations, Michael K. Dunbar, Elizabeth A. Evans, Roman L. Weil

6. Use of Statistical Sampling in Litigation, Mark A. Gustafson, Peter P. Simon

7. Statistical Estimation of Incremental Cost from Accounting Data, Michael W. Maher, M. Laurentius Marais, William E. Wecker, Roman L. Weil

8. Econometric Analysis, Mohan P. Rao, Christian D. Tregillis, Sophie N. Yang

9. Estimating the Cost of Capital, Joseph J. Galanti

10. Business Valuation, Joseph J. Galanti

11. Business Interruption Insurance Claims, Daniel G. Lentz, Robert M. Reeves

12. Lost Earnings of Persons, Daniel G. Lentz, Elizabeth B. Sandza

13. Expert Analysis of Class Certification Issues, Christopher Chorba, Mark A. Gustafson, D. Lee Heavner, Peter P. Simon


14. Data Management, Joshua Kelly Andrews, Karen M. Cheek, Matthew P. Jennings, David W. Rogers, Vincent M. Walden


15. Prejudgment Interest, Jeffrey M. Colon, Michael S. Knoll

16. Punitive Damages, Peter A. Bicks Stephen L. Buffo, Rachel M. McKenzie, Stephen M. Seliskar

17. Tax Treatment of Damages Awards, Merle Erickson, James K. Smith


Intellectual Property

18. Economic Analysis of Nonpatent Intellectual Property Rights and Damages Measures, Elizabeth A. Evans, Peter P. Simon

19. Patent Infringement Damages, Ronen Arad Michael, P. Arnold Christopher, C. Barry, Vincent E. O’Brien

20. Royalty Examinations, J. Shawn McGrath

Ownership and Business Failure

21. Merger and Acquisition Transaction Disputes, Jerry M. Hansen, Christen L. Morand, Gregory E. Wolski

22. The Troubled Business and Bankruptcy, Daniel G. Lentz, Grant W. Newton, Lynda H. Schwartz

23. Alter Ego, Daniel G. Lentz, Lynda H. Schwartz

Regulatory Litigation

24. Federal Securities Acts and Areas of Expert Analysis, Nicholas I. Crew, Kevin L. Gold, Marnie A. Moore

25. Economic Analysis in Securities Class Certification, Cathy M. Niden, Mohan P. Rao

26. Antitrust, Don T. Hibner, Jr. Nels A. Pearsall, Andrew E. Reisman, Roy Weinstein

27. Federal Contract Disputes, Robert A. Esernio, Jr., Nancy J. Harrison

Construction and Real Property Disputes

28. Construction Claims, Bilge Astarlioglu, Stephen P. Lechner

29. Real Estate Litigation, Mariano S. Borges, Steven A. Klett, Mark R. Molepske, Michael E. Straneva

Other Civil Litigation

30. Accountant Liability, Mark A. Carlson, Thomas H. L. Selby

31. Executive Compensation in the Litigation Setting, Eli Bartov, Lynda H. Schwartz

32. Employment Litigation, Christopher Haan, Elaine Reardon, Ali Saad

33. Wage and Hour Litigation, Robert W. Crandall

34. Financial Accounting Experts in Directors’ and Officers’ Litigation, Stephen D. Hibbard, Timothy T. O’Donnell, John D. Wilson

35. Bank Failures: Regulatory Actions and Litigation, Abe Chernin, Catherine J. Galley, Christopher M. James, Yesim C. Richardson, Joseph T. Schertler


36. Tax Fraud: Criminal Cases, Edward M. Robbins Jr.

37. Financial Statement Investigations, Dean C. Bunch, Karen M. Cheek, Amy M. Hawkes, Randy C. Joshi

38. International Investigations: Successful Planning and Execution, Sergio P. Negreira


39. Family Law Services, Donald A. Glenn


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