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Runs and Scans with Applications

ISBN: 978-1-118-15045-0
488 pages
September 2011
Runs and Scans with Applications (1118150457) cover image


Expert practical and theoretical coverage of runs and scans
This volume presents both theoretical and applied aspects of runs and scans, and illustrates their important role in reliability analysis through various applications from science and engineering. Runs and Scans with Applications presents new and exciting content in a systematic and cohesive way in a single comprehensive volume, complete with relevant approximations and explanations of some limit theorems.
The authors provide detailed discussions of both classical and current problems, such as:
* Sooner and later waiting time
* Consecutive systems
* Start-up demonstration testing in life-testing experiments
* Learning and memory models
* "Match" in genetic codes
Runs and Scans with Applications offers broad coverage of the subject in the context of reliability and life-testing settings and serves as an authoritative reference for students and professionals alike.
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Table of Contents

List of Tables.

List of Figures.


Introduction and Historical Remarks.

Waiting for the First Run Occurrence.


Waiting for Multiple Run Occurrences.

Number of Run Occurrences.

Sooner/Later Run Occurrences.

Multivariate Run-Related Distributions.


Waiting for the First Scan.

Waiting for Multiple Scans.

Number of Scan Occurrences.



Author Index.

Subject Index.
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Author Information

N. BALAKRISHNAN, PhD, is Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He is also the author of A First Course in Order Statistics and four volumes of the Distributions in Statistics series (all from Wiley).

MARKOS V. KOUTRAS, PhD, is Professor of Statistics at the University of Piraeus in Greece, where he researches applied probability, reliability, and distribution theory.
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“…many excellent features…” (Statistical Methods in Medical Research, No.13, 2004)

"...provides excellent coverage of the topic of scans, and runs, including a nice historical account and guide to the literature..." (Technometrics, Vol. 44, No. 4, November 2002)

"...highly recommended…well done and perfectly edited..." (Journal of the American Statistical Association, December 2002)

"...a great resource..." (International Journal of General Systems, Vol. 32, 2003)

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