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Supremely Successful Selling: Discovering the Magic Ingredient

ISBN: 978-1-118-16233-0
224 pages
October 2012
Supremely Successful Selling: Discovering the Magic Ingredient (1118162331) cover image


The guide to listening, building trust, and selling what the buyer wants

Everyone sells—in every aspect of your life and no matter what your profession. Supremely Successful Selling describes the art of selling that helps the buyer understand the value and appeal of a product for their personal life or for their business. Replete with stories of some of the greatest sales people in the country, this book teaches you how to listen more than talk, become an ethical ambassador for your product, and understand that everything in life is selling. You'll learn how to take the fear out of asking, the ten actions to avoid, and the most powerful incentives that sell your product.

  • Offers proven advice on how to get the appointment
  • Shares the "Three Magic Questions" that engage a prospect
  • Explains how to overcome objections, the power of the "Magic 7 Minutes," and the Four Es that make a great Sales person

Jerold Panas is one of the nation's leading consultants and a platform personality of note. He is the author of thirteen bestselling books and manages one of the largest consulting firms in the world for advising organizations and foundations on philanthropy. Let Jerry teach you how to ask questions, listen, build trust, and get to a "Yes."

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 A Charmed and Fulfilling Life 1

Chapter 2 The Great Ones 7

Chapter 3 Failure Is the Path of Least Persistence 17

Chapter 4 Move Those Marbles 23

Chapter 5 It’s Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been 29

Chapter 6 There Are Really No Mistakes in Selling—Only Lessons 37

Chapter 7 It’s a Numbers Game 45

Chapter 8 Failing to Prepare Is Preparing to Fail 53

Chapter 9 Go the Extra Mile that Failures Refuse to Travel 61

Chapter 10 Sometimes You Have to Be Silent to Be Heard 69

Chapter 11 Be Like the Busy Spider 77

Chapter 12 Amazing What You Can Do When You Don’t Know What You Can’t Do 85

Chapter 13 Listen! I Think I Hear a Sale 91

Chapter 14 It’s Astounding What You Don’t Sell When You Don’t Ask 99

Chapter 15 If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, You’ll Probably End Up Somewhere Else 105

Chapter 16 There Are No Shortcuts to Anyplace Worth Going 113

Chapter 17 Know Your Product, but It’s Testimony that Persuades 121

Chapter 18 If You Think You’ll Lose, You’re Lost 127

Chapter 19 Climb the Ladder of Success One Objection at a Time 135

Chapter 20 Objections Aren’t Bitter if You Don’t Swallow Them 141

Chapter 21 No Isn’t an Answer, It’s a Question 145

Chapter 22 The Horrifying 10 155

Chapter 23 Have Only Two Dials on Your Console—Fast and Faster 165

Chapter 24 Integrity Isn’t Important—It Is Everything 171

Chapter 25 Flimflam Is Out 175

Chapter 26 The Highest of Callings 179

Chapter 27 The Unconquerable Joy of Selling That Ignites a Fire 185

Chapter 28 You Don’t Have to Be Great to Start, But You Have to Start to Be Great 191

Chapter 29 Here’s the Magic 197

Appendix 203

About the Author 209

Index 211

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Author Information

JEROLD PANAS is the author of thirteen bestselling books on asking, management, motivation, and building relationships. His firm, Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners, is one of the world's leaders in counseling and helping organizations reach their highest aspirations. A platform personality of note, he leads seminars and conferences around the world on prompting others to action, influencing decisions, and selling the dream. Visit www.jeroldpanas.com.

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Press Release

September 21, 2012
Learn to Sell with Integrity

Everyone sells—no matter what your work or profession. The greatest salespeople know that integrity is the magic ingredient that convinces a buyer that what you're selling will benefit them. Successful salespeople don't overwhelm their potential customers or bamboozle them with misleading information. Instead, they help the buyer understand the value and appeal of a product or service for their personal life or for their business.

Supremely Succesful Selling is replete with real-world success stories. It teaches readers how to become an ethical ambassador for any product. Celebrated sales guru and motivational speaker Jerold Panas has harnessed the experience and knowledge of scores of the best salespeople in the country. In their own words, they explore how they overcame their own fears and understood that asking questions, listening, and building trust are what will get you to a "yes." Readers will learn:

  • How to take the fear out of asking
  • Proven advice on how to get the appointment
  • The most powerful incentives that sell your product
  • The "Three Magic Questions" that engage a prospect and get them to give you the answers you need to win their business
  • The four Es that make a great salesperson: Empathy, Energy, Enthusiasm, and Ethics
  • And much more

Of course, not everyone will want to buy your product. But it's your job to help people understand how great an advantage you offer. Through integrity selling, you'll learn how to assure future buyers of the value of your product for their life. Learn how to become a partner to every customer, and you'll win their trust—and the sale.

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