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Scientific Selling: Creating High Performance Sales Teams through Applied Psychology and Testing

ISBN: 978-1-118-16797-7
216 pages
April 2012
Scientific Selling: Creating High Performance Sales Teams through Applied Psychology and Testing (111816797X) cover image


Sales managers have the most difficult job in the business world. They are responsible not just for revenue, but also for the hiring, coaching, training, and deployment of the employees who must generate it. 

Before the advancements that inspired Scientific Selling, sales managers had few tools to help them succeed at these disparate yet essential tasks. Today, however, the scientific approaches described in this book allow sales managers to more effectively measure, refine, and improve every aspect of the sales environment. 

Using easily-understood examples, graphics, charts, and explanations, Scientific Selling describes how to:

  • Predictably improve sales results.
  • Attract and retain top sales performers.
  • Sharply decrease employee turnover.
  • Spend sales training dollars more wisely.
  • Better target sales coaching efforts.
  • Move into consultative selling more quickly.
  • And much more.

Scientific Selling features over a dozen case studies illustrating exactly how scientific measurement and testing have improved sales performance within different kinds of sales groups inside multiple industries.

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii

Foreword Geoffrey James xiii

Preface xvii

Chapter 1 The Science of Selling 1

Chapter 2 The Science of Behavioral Assessment 17

Chapter 3 The Science of Sales Skills Assessment 35

Chapter 4 The Science of Hiring Sales Talent 49

Chapter 5 The Science of Sales Training 71

Chapter 6 The Science of Sales Coaching 93

Chapter 7 The Science of Sales Management 115

Chapter 8 The Science of Sales Process 147

Chapter 9 How Scientific Is It? 181

Chapter 10 The Future of Scientific Selling 199

Index 211

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Author Information

NANCY MARTINI is the President and CEO of PI Worldwide, a privately held international management consulting company. PI Worldwide has forty-five locations around the world, with more than 350 consultants and is active in 144 countries. She is the author of Customer Focused Selling and has been interviewed and published regularly in several magazines including Selling Power, Talent, Chief Learning Officer, Forbes.com, and One to One Media, among others.

GEOFFREY JAMES is an award-winning journalist who writes a daily column for Inc.com and previously wrote Sales Machine, the world's most-visited sales-oriented blog. He's authored hundreds of articles for publications like Wired and SellingPower, as well as several books, including How to Say It: Business to Business Selling and The Tao of Programming. Visit: piworldwide.com and geoffreyjames.com

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Press Release

April 05, 2012
Science Offers a Better Approach to Selling

Products don't sell themselves. Engineers, marketers, and CEOs don't sell products either. But a skilled sales team does. And when equipped with effective measurement tools to assemble and train a specialized team, a sales force can score huge wins consistently—and present that success to the rest of the company.

Scientific Selling shows how statistically valid measurement can improve every element of the sales environment—from management to coaching to training to creating long-term sustainable sales results. Sales organizations that embrace applied psychology and testing become more competitive because they don't waste resources on irrelevant or counterproductive activities. Managers can better assess the reasons behind individual and group performance and predictably improve sales results, while fostering a sales culture that attracts and retains personnel who have the drive and motivation to be successful.

Scientific Selling includes more than a dozen specific demonstrating how scientific measurement improved overall sales performance through easily understood graphics, charts, and descriptions. It details how those teams were measured and how the metrics changed as the result of better hiring practices, targeted coaching and sales training.

Through powerful, in-depth case studies, Scientific Selling includes stories from the following companies:

  • Clark-Mortenson Agency used scientifically proven data-based assessment tools to provide individual sales professionals with a very specific overview to determine their current strengths and areas of growth.
  • Meadowbrook Golf's program to "manage for individual success" by using scientific testing and measurement to help its top managers understand what motivated their employees
  • Yankee Candle used scientific measurement to identify the right people to hire, and then used customer case studiesand role-playing to focus on leveraging each individual's natural behavior to sell, there bycreating increases of 40 percent in salesrevenue for trained individuals.

Scientific testing and measurement can leverage current strengths, identify areas for growth, and increase revenue. Readers will be able to chart their company's course through the power of Scientific Selling.

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