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BlackBerry PlayBook Companion

ISBN: 978-1-118-16820-2
288 pages
August 2011
BlackBerry PlayBook Companion (1118168208) cover image
The ultimate full-color consumer guide to the fun and functional BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry's entry into the tablet market adds a new dimension to the image of the BlackBerry as a tool primarily for business. The PlayBook does business, but it also does fun, and this handy, full-color book covers just what you need to get up and running with your PlayBook and make the most of it. In an entertaining and to-the-point fashion, this guide shows you how to connect your PlayBook to your BlackBerry smartphone, take photos, watch videos, read e-books, connect to the Internet via WiFi, use third-party apps, video chat, and more.

  • Helps you get set up and use your Playbook, with full-color screen shots and navigational elements that help you quickly find information
  • Shows how to manage your e-mail by connecting to your BlackBerry smartphone and how to get online with WiFi
  • Covers acquiring and reading e-books and periodicals, participating in social media, shooting photos and videos, and using instant messaging and video chat
  • Explains how to download and use third-party apps on the BlackBerry platform

With a hip, direct style, BlackBerry PlayBook Companion shortens the learning curve and helps you maximize what your PlayBook offers for both work and play.

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Foreword xi

Introduction xiii

Chapter 1 What Is a BlackBerry PlayBook? 1

Walk around the Hardware 2

Walk around the OS 10

Pricing, Availability, and Models 13

Comparison with Other Tablets 13

Related Questions 17

Chapter 2 How Do I Set Up and Customize My PlayBook? 19

Initial Startup 20

Connect to a Wi-Fi Network 21

Set the Date and Time 26

Create a BlackBerry ID 27

Update Your Software 29

Set Up a BlackBerry Bridge 29

Tablet Basics Tutorials 32

Customize the Home Screen 34

Related Questions 38

Chapter 3 How Do I Navigate My PlayBook? 39

Utilizing Different Touch Methods 40

Navigating the Home Screen 45

Accessing and Reading Notifications 46

Understanding and Accessing the Status Bar 48

Breaking Down the Menu 50

Switching Between Apps 52

Using the Keyboard 54

Related Questions 57

Chapter 4 How Do I Surf the Web on My PlayBook? 59

Browsing the Web 60

Changing Browser Options 67

Creating and Managing Bookmarks 73

Managing Downloads 75

Related Questions 76

Chapter 5 How Do I Bridge the PlayBook with My BlackBerry Smartphone? 77

Set Up the Bridge via Bluetooth 78

Accessing and Using Bridge Files 80

Browsing the Web through the Bridge Browser 82

Using BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) through the Bridge 84

Related Questions 88

Chapter 6 How Can I Read and Use Email on My PlayBook? 89

Using Email through the Bridge 90

Using Email through the Browser 97

Related Questions 100

Chapter 7 How Can I Hone My Organizational Skills Using My PlayBook? 101

View Your Calendar 102

Create a New Appointment 107

Manage Contacts 109

Create and View Tasks 112

Create and View Memos 115

Record Voice Notes 116

Related Questions 120

Chapter 8 How Can I Create, Edit, and View Office Files on My PlayBook? 121

Using Word To Go 122

Using Sheet To Go 131

Using Slideshow To Go 139

Viewing PDF Files 142

Related Questions 144

Chapter 9 How Do I Enjoy Music and Video on My PlayBook? 145

Enjoying Music Loaded onto Your PlayBook 146

Browsing and Purchasing Music through the 7digital Music Store 154

Listening to Music through the Slacker Radio Service 156

Listening to Podcasts 160

Watching Videos 164

BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat 171

Related Questions 176

Chapter 10 How Can I View, Share, and Capture Pictures on My PlayBook? 177

Transferring Photos on and off Your PlayBook 178

Capturing a Photo 188

Viewing Your Pictures 191

Sharing Your Pictures 194

Related Questions 195

Chapter 11 What Apps Do I Have and How Can I Get More? 197

Using Your Preloaded Apps 198

Finding, Downloading, and Installing Apps via BlackBerry

App World 216

Related Questions 222

Chapter 12 How Can I Read eBooks on My PlayBook? 223

Using the Kobo eReading Application 224

Using Adobe Reader 236

Related Questions 238

Chapter 13 How Do I Keep My PlayBook Secure? 239

Managing Application Permissions 240

Using Certificates 244

Switching into Development Mode 246

Set, Enable, and Change Your Password 249

Perform a Security Wipe 252

Manage Your VPN Profiles 253

Related Questions 256

Chapter 14 How Do I Manage Settings on My PlayBook? 257

Viewing the About Page 258

Managing Bluetooth Connections 259

Setting Up Internet Tethering 263

Controlling Screen Time-Out and Brightness 267

Setting the HDMI Preferences 268

Managing Your PlayBook Sounds 270

Selecting the General Background Application Settings 271

Managing Your Storage and Sharing Preferences 273

Related Questions 274

Chapter 15 How Do I Manage My PlayBook with BlackBerry Desktop Software? 275

Installing BlackBerry Desktop 276

Desktop Options 279

Device Options 280

Manage Media Sync 283

Back Up Options 284

Switch and Forget Devices 286

Related Questions 286

Chapter 16 How Do I Troubleshoot My PlayBook? 287

General Techniques for Troubleshooting 288

BlackBerry Bridge Issues 292

Browser Issues 293

Wi-Fi Connection Issues 294

Bluetooth Device Connection Issues 294

HDMI Issues 295

Related Questions 295

Index 297

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Matthew Miller is the author of Windows Phone 7 Companion, Facebook Companion, and Master Visually Windows Mobile 2003; writes both the ZDNet Mobile Gadgeteer and Smartphones & Cell Phones blogs; has published works in iPhone Life Magazine, Pocket PC Magazine, and more; and is co-host of the Mobile Tech Roundup podcast.
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