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Facebook All-in-One For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-17108-0
272 pages
July 2012
Facebook All-in-One For Dummies (111817108X) cover image


The most comprehensive guide to using Facebook

Whether you're new to Facebook, a developer exploring apps, or a marketer interested in using Facebook for social media campaigns, this book has content you can use. Seven minibooks thoroughly cover the essentials, from how to get started with Facebook, to Facebook etiquette, to the best pages, apps, and games. You'll find handy information on how or when to share sensitive information and how to stay safe, even when settings change. If you want to join Facebook armed with the best information, this is the book you need.

  • Packs seven minibooks in one practical guide: Getting Started with Facebook, Customizing Your Page, Marketing Yourself on Facebook, Facebook Advertising Basics, Facebook App Development Basics, Facebook Privacy and Etiquette, and Best Facebook Pages, Apps and Games
  • Covers areas of Facebook you may not know about
  • Helps you keep up with Facebook's tricky privacy policies, how to choose a tasteful profile photo, and when to watch your tone
  • Puts practical and essential information in the hands of users, marketers, and developers—whether new or current

Get the most out of Facebook and avoid hassles with this helpful, practical guide.

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Table of Contents

Book I: Creating a Personal Timeline 7

Chapter 1: Deciding to Join Facebook 9

Chapter 2: Creating Your Facebook Account 17

Chapter 3: Customizing Your Facebook Privacy Settings 45

Chapter 4: Touring the Facebook Interface 71

Chapter 5: Finding Help 89

Book II: Connecting with Others 99

Chapter 1: Creating Your Social Media Persona 101

Chapter 2: Posting and Sharing 113

Chapter 3: Sharing Your Photos on Facebook 125

Chapter 4: Sharing Videos on Facebook 143

Chapter 5: Connecting with Groups, Places, and Fan Pages 159

Chapter 6: Going Mobile with Facebook 177

Chapter 7: Keeping Up with Events 189

Chapter 8: Having Private Conversations 205

Chapter 9: Playing Games with Friends 219

Chapter 10: Professional Networking 231

Chapter 11: Managing Connections Gone Awry 243

Book III: Connecting Facebook and Other Social Media 255

Chapter 1: What Is Social Media 257

Chapter 2: Connecting Facebook with Everything Else 265

Chapter 3: Flying on Auto Pilot 281

Book IV: Building a Fan Page Timeline 293

Chapter 1: Creating a Fan Page Timeline for Your Business 295

Chapter 2: Touring the Fan Page Timeline Interface 325

Chapter 3: Building Your Facebook Fan Page Community 355

Chapter 4: Using Your Fan Page Timeline for Check Ins and Deals 371

Chapter 5: Customizing Your Fan Page Timeline 387

Book V: Marketing Your Business on Facebook 397

Chapter 1: Building a Network of Influence with Your Fan Page Timeline 399

Chapter 2: Social Marketing Campaigns 409

Chapter 3: Using Insights to Track Your Facebook Success 423

Chapter 4: Facebook Promotions 439

Chapter 5: Facebook Advertising 453

Chapter 6: Identifying Your Target Audience for Successful Marketing 477

Book VI: Developing Facebook Apps 489

Chapter 1: Custom Apps for Fan Page Timelines 491

Chapter 2: Building Canvas Pages and Application Pages 505

Chapter 3: Creating Your Own Apps 523

Chapter 4: Tour of the Facebook API 535

Index 553

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Author Information

Melanie Nelson is a professional blogger and social media consultant who has been working with business websites since 1995 (it's true — she remembers Mosaic and Netscape). As a veteran of online publishing and marketing, Melanie has grown with changes as they happen and looks ahead to coming innovations. She owns Blogging Basics 101 (http://BloggingBasics101.com and http://fb.com/BloggingBasics101), where she shares information about using Facebook and other social media platforms to grow your business, building community, and improving search engine optimization (SEO). Hubspot.com included Blogging Basics 101 in its list of "10 Amazing Blogs About Blogging to Start Reading NOW." Melanie's presentations and workshops have inspired attendees at conferences such as Blog World & New Media Expo, Type-A Parent, BlogHer, and Blissdom.

Daniel Herndon is founder and CEO of Indianapolis-based marketing and innovation agency redwall LIVE. His firm creates campaigns, strategies, and tools for marketing, especially interactive and social marketing. He speaks often on practical social media use and integration with traditional marketing. He has been recognized for his efforts in creative philanthropy, the highlight of which was profiled in USA Today when he and non-profit director Darren Heil lived in a van alongside an Indianapolis highway, where they live streamed their life for 5 days while promoting their efforts to raise funds through social media. Daniel was recognized by the Indianapolis Business Journal in the 2011 “40 under Forty” featuring local business leaders who have achieved outstanding success in their community before the age of 40.

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Press Release

February 14, 2012
Facebook All-in-One For Dummies

Facebook All-in-One For Dummies author Melanie Nelson talks about Facebook and how to go beyond the basics!

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