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Michael Allen's 2012 e-Learning Annual

ISBN: 978-1-118-17591-0
304 pages
August 2011, Pfeiffer
Michael Allen
The field of E-Learning has experienced dramatic and turbulent growth. Over time, as technology has improved and the method's real capabilities have emerged, E-Learning has gained widespread acceptance and is now the fastest growing sector of corporate learning. This book presents a mix of content that spans the full spectrum of technology-based learning. Year after year, the annual discusses emerging trends; showcases E-Learning innovation; presents contemporary- and best-practices; tackles big-picture, strategic issues; and provides a host of useful tips and techniques. Additional content is available online.
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Rapid e-Learning Reality Check (Tom Kuhlmann).

An Argument Against Voice-Over PowerPoint for e-Learning (Anita Rosen).

Why e-Learning Must Change: A Call to End Rapid Development (Reuben Tozman).

The Right e-Learning Tool for the Job (Thomas A. Toth).

Don't Get Trapped by Your e-Learning Tools (Allan Henderson).


Learning in the Quaternary Economy (Peter Isackson).

You, You Online, You When Nobody Knows It's You Online (Bobbe Baggio).

The Transformation of the Information Ecosystem: New Roles for Human Resource Development Professionals (Marc Weinstein, Tonette Rocco, and Maria Plakhotnik).


e-Learning Innovation: Using Past e-Lessons to Shape the Future of Learning (Corinne Miller).

e-Learning for the Net Generation (Phil Cowcill).

Chaos: A Viable Workplace Learning Strategy (Cheryl Johnson).


From e-Learning to m-Learning: Going Mobile Now! (Leslie Anne Kirshaw).

Mobile Devices for e-Learning: A Conversation (David Metcalf and Nabeel Ahmad).

Mobile Learning in Education (Susan Smith Nash).


The Power of Collaborative Learning: Transforming Your Organization Through Social Media (Tony Bingham).

e-Learning Isn't Everything: Adapting Instructional Design to a Web 2.0 World (Frank Nguyen).

Web 2.0 and Performance: Using Social Media to Facilitate Learning at Google (Julia Bulkowski).


Developing Serious Games and Simulations: A Quick Guide (Clark Aldrich).

Experience Design: A Practical Methodology for Capturing, Delivering, and Deploying Experience (Ken Spero).


LCMS: Not Just a Technology, It's a Strategy (Bryan Chapman).

LCMS: Just a Technology, Not a Strategy—A Rebuttal (Carla Torgerson).

Rethinking the Scope and Nature of Instructional Design (Clive Shepherd).


e-Learning: A Positive Skeptic's Journey into Night? (Martyn Sloman).

Learnsanity: Three Do-It-Right Strategies to Get New e-Learning Initiatives Off to a Good Start (Patti Shank).

Challenges of Developing e-Learning in a Regulated Environment (Tina Kunshier).

Educational Videoconferencing: Cracking Open the Classroom Door (T. Craig Montgomerie and Cathy King).

Engaging Adult Learners Using Synchronous e-Learning Media (Belinda G. Smith).

Final Word.

About the Editor.

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Michael Allen, Ph.D., pioneered multimedia learning technologies, interactive instructional paradigms, and rapid-prototyping processes, bringing each forward into leading corporate enterprises. He is the chairman and CEO of Allen Interactions Inc., which builds universally acclaimed custom e-learning, provides strategic learning consulting, and trains e-learning professionals in collaboration with ASTD. Formerly, Allen was the founder and CEO of Authorware Inc. He is an adjunct associate professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School, a sought-after conference speaker, and a prolific writer.
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