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Exemplary Performance: Driving Business Results by Benchmarking Your Star Performers

ISBN: 978-1-118-20420-7
256 pages
January 2013, Jossey-Bass
Exemplary Performance: Driving Business Results by Benchmarking Your Star Performers (1118204204) cover image


Praise for Exemplary Performance

"I have seen the transformative power of human performance improvement in the power industry where it has produced measurable results in areas such as safety performance. Executives, managers, and other leaders will benefit from this approach, enabling exemplary performance by replicating the results of their stars."

—Carl English, vice-chairman (retired), American Electric Power

"A must-read for anyone accountable for producing and leading high-performing individuals or teams."

—Jamie Torchiana, learning implementation leader, Sales Strategy, AstraZeneca

"Uniquely captures profound ideas, frames them concisely, and explains how they work in the real world in a powerful way. If you want to link your business's capability development to actual business outcome, this book might be all you need. A fantastic read."

—Don Shoultz, head of learning and development, BP Upstream Learning

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Table of Contents

Appreciation vii

Part One: Defining the Opportunity 1

1 The Value of Leveraging the Insights of Your Stars 3

2 Prioritizing Performance Improvement Opportunities 21

3 Selecting Exemplary Teams and Individuals 39

4 Capturing the Expertise of Your Stars 55

5 What Makes Them Tick? How Stars and Exemplary Teams Consistently Exceed Expectations 73

Part Two: Shifting the Performance Curve 93

6 Leading for Exceptional Results 95

7 You Get What You Expect and What You Inspect 103

8 Great Job! Rewards, Recognition, and Consequences 125

9 How to Succeed in Business by Really Trying: Motivation, Intentionality, and Deliberate Practice 143

10 Replicating Your Stars! Training and Performance Support 163

11 Getting Round Pegs in Round Holes: Selecting for Success 181

12 Creating Barrier-Free Work Systems 197

Epilogue: Just Imagine . . . 215

Appendix: Sample Data for One

Accomplishment 217

The Authors 225

Index 229

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Author Information

Paul H. Elliott, Ph.D., is the President and founder of Exemplary Performance, LLC, based in Annapolis, Maryland. Previously, he was a Fellow with Saba Software; President of Human Performance Technologies and Vice President of RWD Technologies. Throughout the course of Paul's consulting career, he has worked with leading companies including many Fortune 500 organizations.

Alfred C. Folsom, Ph.D., is Vice President of Operations at Exemplary Performance, where he brings over 20 years of experience in the field of Human Performance Technology. Al's expertise is in the area of HPT and its specific application throughout the United States Coast Guard, where he recently retired as a Captain after 24 years of commissioned service.

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Press Release

March 15, 2013
Wiley Announces 'Exemplary Performances'

New book that offers a more productive alternative to benchmarking exercises for capturing star performers in an organization.

The use of internal star performers is often overlooked – the assumption is that you can’t capture the subtle differences and, if you did capture them, you wouldn’t know how to leverage those differences. 

In the meantime, millions are spent on benchmarking other companies, often from other industries. When a company brings back the ‘lessons learned’ from a benchmarking experience, it is often difficult or impossible for the company to take what it has learned and implement these insights within its own culture. Exemplary Performance: Driving Business Results by Benchmarking Your Star Performers  (Jossey-Bass; January 2013; ISBN: 978-1-1182-0420-7; 256 pages; Hardcover; US$55.00) offers a much better and ultimately more productive alternative to these benchmarking exercises.

Written by President and Founder of Exemplary Performance, LLC, Paul H. Elliott and Vice President of Operations at Exemplary Performance, Alfred C. Folsom, this book offers Human Resources, Operations Directors, business leaders and their organizations a proven methodology for building an ever-expanding pool of higher performing individuals and teams.

The book clearly demonstrates how star performers are identified, what organizations need to do to capture the high performance attributes of these employees, and finally how to disseminate this valuable information so that other individual performers and teams can use it to boost their own performance.

The pathway to this untapped resource is presented in a series of practical, easily accessible chapters that will show readers exactly how this information can be captured from the stars and then leveraged across the organization to improve the job performance of the broader workforce. Readers are kept engaged through a series of readable and directly applicable vignettes that demonstrate how the principles play out in a variety of industries and organizational functions.

Key points and other practical information about implementing these principles and approaches within organizations are found in a series of identified sidebars found throughout the book.

Exemplary Performance is now available for purchase online and at retailers nationwide in both print and all e-book formats. For a list of retailers, visit http://www.wiley.com/buy/9781118204207.

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