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The Social Media Handbook: Rules, Policies, and Best Practices to Successfully Manage Your Organization's Social Media Presence, Posts, and Potential

ISBN: 978-1-118-20681-2
370 pages
January 2012, Pfeiffer
The Social Media Handbook: Rules, Policies, and Best Practices to Successfully Manage Your Organization
The Social Media Handbook is a comprehensive risk and compliance management toolkit that walks employers step-by-step through the process of developing and implementing effective social media policy and compliance management programs that are designed to minimize—and in some cases prevent—social networking and web 2.0 risks and other electronic disasters.

Throughout this important resource Nancy Flynn (an internationally recognized expert on workplace social media) offers a guide to best practices for creating safe, effective, and compliant electronic business communications. The book contains a thorough review of the risks inherent in employees' social media use and content and explores how organizations can help manage behavior, mitigate risks, and maximize compliance through the implementation of strategic social media compliance management programs. These programs combine written policies, supported by comprehensive employee education and are enforced by proven-effective technology tools. Once these policies and programs are in place employers can safely take advantage of the marketing and communications benefits offered by social media.

Covering a wealth of material, the book includes vital information on topics such as social media and the law; managing records and e-discovery compliantly; regulatory compliance; privacy and security; blog risks and compliance rules; mobile devices drive social media risks; a seven-step plan for social media policy and compliance management; conducting a social media audit; creating social media policies; content rules and compliance; policy compliance and education; reputation management; and more.

In addition to addressing pertinent topics on risk management, the book contains cautionary, real-life social networking disaster stories that show how organizations can lose revenue and reputations, reveals how employees can lose jobs, and explains how individuals can face public humiliation.

The Social Media Handbook is a hands-on guide written for human resource professionals, information technology managers, legal professionals, compliance officers, records managers, and others who need to manage today's technology tools with up-to-date employment rules.

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Contents of the Web

About the Author Introduction: Getting the Most from This ResourceWhy Every Organization Needs a Social

1. Media Policy and Compliance Management Program

2. Social Media and the Law: What Every Organization Needs to Know About Legal Compliance

3. Social Networking Creates Legal Evidence: How to Manage Records and E-Discovery Compliantly

4. Regulatory Compliance: Government and Industry Watchdogs Keep an Eye on the Social Web 

5. Privacy, Security, and Social Media: What Every Employer—and User—Should Know 

6. Blog Risks and Compliance Rules

7. Mobile Devices Drive Social Media Risks

8. Seven-Step Action Plan for Successful Social Media Policy and Compliance Management

9. Conduct a Social Media Policy Audit

10. Writing Effective Social Media Policies

11. Content Rules Are Critical to Compliance

12. Enforce Policy Compliance with Education

13. Reputation Management: Responding to and Recovering from a Social Networking Nightmare

14. Sample Policies: Social Media, Blogs, and Related AUPs

15. Glossary of Social Media, Legal, Regulatory, and Technology Terms



The following materials are available for download from password: professional

Test Your Social Media Compliance Management Know-How

Test Your Social Media Compliance Management Know-How: Answer Sheet for Trainers

Self-Assessment: E-Discovery, Record Retention, and Policy Compliance

E-Discovery, Record Retention, and Policy Compliance: Answer Sheet for Trainers

State Rules of Civil Procedure and State E-Discovery Guidelines Handout

Blog Policy and Compliance: Self-Assessment Blog Policy and Compliance: Answer Sheet for Trainers

Sample Social Media Policy Audit Questionnaire for Managers, Supervisors, and Executives

Sample Social Media Policy: Handout

113 Social Media Best Practices: Handout


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Nancy Flynn is the founder and executive director of The ePolicy Institute. She is an internationally recognized expert on workplace social media, e-mail, and Internet policy, compliance, and communications. She is the author of 12 books including The e-Policy Handbook and The ePolicy Toolkit.

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