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Biomass and Alternate Fuel Systems: An Engineering and Economic Guide

Thomas F. McGowan (Editor), Michael L. Brown (Associate Editor), William S. Bulpitt (Associate Editor), James L. Walsh, Jr. (Associate Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-118-21112-0
280 pages
September 2011
Biomass and Alternate Fuel Systems: An Engineering and Economic Guide (111821112X) cover image


This book explains characteristics of renewable fuels, especially biomass and wood, and the cost-effective and environment-friendly methods of handling, storing and burning these fuels. It is complete with the economic evaluation method, introduction of the pollution control equipment for limiting the emission from fuel combustion, case studies, and costs and carbon emission comparisons between conventional and alternate fuels. Many case studies are introduced here too.

This book is an update and expansion of the "Industrial Wood Energy Handbook" by a team from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1984. It introduces new technologies new technologies not available at the time of the early version.
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Table of Contents



CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Alternate Fuels.

CHAPTER 2 Fuel Properties and Combustion Theory.

CHAPTER 3 Liquid Fuels from Biomass.

CHAPTER 4 Biomass Combustion Equipment—Steam, Hot Oil, and Hot Gas.

CHAPTER 5 Biomass Fuel Storage and Handling.

CHAPTER 6 Cogeneration and Power Generation.

CHAPTER 7 Emissions and Control.

CHAPTER 8 Environment and Safety: Rules, Regulations, and Safe Practice.

CHAPTER 9 Biomass Fuel Supply and Purchasing.

CHAPTER 10 Fuel-Switching Feasibility Study Methodology.

CHAPTER 11 Economic Analysis of Biomass Combustion Systems.

CHAPTER 12 Biomass Fuel Processing Routes and Economics.

CHAPTER 13 Biomass Fuel Processing Network.

CHAPTER 14 Example Feasibility Study: Nonforest Products Facility.

APPENDIX 1 Equipment Manufacturers/Vendors Listing.

APPENDIX 2 State Forestry Commission Offices.

APPENDIX 3 Glossary.


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Author Information

Thomas F. McGowan is President and founder of TMTS Associates Inc., a firm that specializes in thermal systems and air pollution control. He has thirty-five years of experience in combustion, air pollution control, solids handling, and industrial ventilation.

Michael L. Brown is a Senior Engineer at the Georgia Institute of Technology's Enterprise Innovation Institute in the Energy and Sustainability Services Division. His work includes energy efficiency and conservation, energy management projects, and alternate energy projects including studies on production of densified wood pellets.

William S. Bulpitt is a Senior Research Engineer for the Georgia Institute of Technology's Strategic Energy Institute. His current work includes research in renewable and transitional energy with utilities and industry.

James L. Walsh, Jr. is a Senior Engineer at the Georgia Institute of Technology. With more than forty years of professional experience in design engineering, applied research, technical assistance, and training, he specializes in energy conversion, waste conversion, environmental compliance assistance, and the design, operation, and analysis of pollution control systems.

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"Covering everything from the theory (such as energy content and physical properties of different fuels) to the practical (e.g. boiler, hopper and filter design), … this is a very useful guide." (Enagri, November 2009)
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