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Alive and Well at the End of the Day: The Supervisor's Guide to Managing Safety in Operations

ISBN: 978-1-118-21135-9
296 pages
September 2011
Alive and Well at the End of the Day: The Supervisor
Proven strategies and tactics that you can use to lead workers to safety

Industrial facilities supervisors, from front-line managers to CEOs, can depend on Alive and Well at the End of the Day for tested and proven management and leadership practices that ensure the safety of their workers. With more than thirty years of hands-on experience in the chemical industry, including front-line management, author Paul Balmert understands the challenges facing supervisors in industrial facilities. His advice, based on firsthand experience, shows you how to identify and correct flaws in industrial practices. Moreover, he shows you how to lead by example, overcoming all obstacles that interfere with safety.

Rather than focus on theory, this book offers concrete strategies and tactics that enable you to:

  • Recognize and capitalize on the moments when workers are most receptive to learning safety

  • Discover what's really going on when you tour and inspect plant operations

  • Engage in a helpful discussion with someone who is not following safety guidelines

  • Understand the various types of risk involved in an industrial operation

  • Implement a comprehensive strategy to manage and minimize risk

Throughout the book, plenty of case studies and examples illustrate key challenges alongside step-by-step solutions. You'll also learn how to understand and leverage the psychology and motivations of your staff in order to fully implement safety practices and procedures. In short, with this book as your guide, you will be equipped and ready to lead your staff to safety.

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About the Author.

Chapter 1 A Guide to the Guide: Getting the Most Out of This Book.

Chapter 2 The Case for Safety.

Chapter 3 The Practice of Leadership.

Chapter 4 Moments of High Influence.

Chapter 5 Managing by Walking Around.

Chapter 6 Following All the Rules…All the Time.

Chapter 7 Recognizing Hazards and Managing Risk.

Chapter 8 Behavior, Consequences-And Attitude!.

Chapter 9 The Power of Good Questions.

Chapter 10 Making Change Happen.

Chapter 11 Managing Accountability.

Chapter 12 Safety Meetings Worth Having.

Chapter 13 Managing Safety Suggestions.

Chapter 14 Creating the Culture You Want.

Chapter 15 Investing in Trading.

Chapter 16 Understanding What Went Wrong.

Chapter 17 Measuring Safety Performance.

Chapter 18 On the Horns: Managing Safety Dilemmas.

Chapter 19 Leading from the Middle.

Chapter 20 The Top 10 Mistakes Managers Make in Managing Safety Performance.

Chapter 21 Execution: The Name of the Game…And Safety's Bottom Line.

Chapter 22 Can You Really Make a Difference?



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PAUL D. BALMERT has more than thirty years of experience in the chemical industry, including front-line supervision. He is currently Principal in Balmert Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping organizations improve the management of their operations, with an emphasis on safety. A frequent lecturer at academic institutions and professional associations, Mr. Balmert has helped companies in the Americas, Europe, and Asia dramatically improve safety.
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"Just received my copy of Paul’s book today and burning through chapter 2 – what a clear and accurate delivery of the realistic world in which we work! Great stuff!" - Craig Huffman, Director, ISP Safety Services
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