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Appreciative Inquiry in Higher Education: A Transformative Force

ISBN: 978-1-118-23704-5
256 pages
July 2012, Jossey-Bass
Appreciative Inquiry in Higher Education: A Transformative Force (1118237048) cover image


Appreciative Inquiry in Higher Education: A Transformative Force provides practical guidance on how Appreciative Inquiry, long known as a valuable approach and process for change management and group development, can be applied in higher education and make an impact on the next generation of positive change makers.
The authors, noted AI practitioners committed to the use of AI in higher education, weave together their theories, concepts, and unique stories with those of colleagues from around the world to show how AI can harness the drive and imagination of individuals, groups, and institutions. The book builds on the foundations of AI and takes the reader on an ever-deepening journey of how AI can be used to help leaders, practitioners, faculty, and organizational developers achieve new and evolving goals.
Designed as both a thought-provoking and a practical resource, Appreciative Inquiry in Higher Education reveals why AI is such a vital process and shows what it takes to apply AI to such tasks as planning, summits, developing collaborative teams and groups, and teaching and learning. The book gives practitioners the theoretical concepts to ground their work and links AI to the positive psychology and strengths work that has influenced educational approaches in the first decade of the 21st century.
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Table of Contents

Foreword xiii

Preface xix

Acknowledgments xxi

The Authors xxv

1. Introduction to the Journey 1

The Creative Journey

Provocative Propositions: The Book Unfolding Emergent Design

PART ONE Foundations

2. The Tenets of Appreciative Inquiry 13

Appreciative Inquiry: A Paradigm Shift Principles


Doing AI

3. The Passions of Our Practice: Hope and Magic 33

Joan’s Journey of Hope

Jeanie’s Passion for Magic

Hope and Magic

4. Critical Appreciative Inquiry 51

The Inclusive AI Practitioner

From Issue Focus to Inquiry Focus

Topic Development

Emergent Design

Using Our Influence: Let’s Talk

Critical Appreciative Inquiry: An Emerging Model Revisited

5. Being Authentically ALIVE 75

Living Appreciative Inquiry Through Challenging Times

Appreciative Inquiry as a Daily Practice

The ALIVE Model

Being Authentically ALIVE as a Reflective Practice


6. Leadership, Possibility, and Appreciative Inquiry 91

Appreciative Leadership Questions

Using the Appreciative Leadership Questions

PART TWO Practice

7. Being an Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner in Higher Education 109


TellMe a Story

Creating an Appreciative Climate

Techniques for Alternative Dialogue

Practitioner Practice

8. Planning: Engaged and Inspired 125


Examples of AI and Planning in Higher Education

From Process to Final Strategic Plan

Final Thoughts on AI and Planning

9. Summits in Higher Education: Gathering the Force 153

Elements of Higher Education Summits

First Notes on All-Institution Summits

Designing a Summit for Higher Education

Summits to Create Institutional Momentum

Summits as Data Gathering for Strategic Planning

Final Notes on the Symphony of Summits

10. Collaborative Teams and Groups 173

Appreciative Inquiry with Teams

Collaborative Learning Teams

Examples of AI with Teams and Groups in Higher Education Building Collaboration

11. Teaching and Learning 193

Appreciative Inquiry as a Teaching and Learning Framework Teacher as Self

Appreciative Outlook in Teaching

Fostering a Community of Learners

Final Thoughts on Teaching and Learning

12. Leaning Into the Future 211

What If. . .

The People of AI

AI Processes

Embodying AI

Parting Thoughts

References 219

Index 223

To our mothers: Greta Cockell and Ioleen Blair

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Author Information

Jeanie Cockell is an educational and organizational consultant who designs collaborative strategies to surface the wisdom of individuals and groups so that they can build positive futures and respond effectively to change. Her consulting practice is grounded in her adult education background including higher education teaching and leadership roles. She travels worldwide to facilitate workshops, speak at conferences, and consult for clients.

Joan McArthur-Blair is a writer, speaker, and facilitator. She has held roles in higher education from faculty to president, and every day of that journey she cared most deeply about learners, their access to higher education, and their success when there. After more than twenty-five years of institutionally based work, she has returned to her loves of writing, speaking, and facilitating, and works with groups to make a positive difference.

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