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Managing the New Customer Relationship: Strategies to Engage the Social Customer and Build Lasting Value

ISBN: 978-1-118-25585-8
352 pages
March 2013
Managing the New Customer Relationship: Strategies to Engage the Social Customer and Build Lasting Value (1118255852) cover image



“Gordon delivers an impressive synthesis of the newest methods for engaging customers in relationships that last. No organization today can succeed without the mastery of customer relationship management strategy fundamentals. But to win in the decades ahead, you must also understand and capitalize on the rapidly evolving social computing, mobility and customer analytics technologies described in this book. Checklists, self-assessments and graphical frameworks deliver pragmatic value for the practicing manager.”

— William Band, Vice-President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Inc., Cambridge, MA

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction xv

Chapter One: Managing the New Customer—and the New Customer Relationship 1

Relationships Matter 1

The Old Rules of Marketing Don’t Work 3

Technology Has Changed Everything 6

The Truth Is Visible 6

Marketplaces Are Social 8

Marketing Is Sociology 9

One-Through-One Is More Important Than One-To-One 11

Defining the New Customer Relationship 12

Implications for Managing the New Customer Relationship 13

Chapter Two: Strategies for Better Customer Relationships 23

A Strategic Context for Relationship Management 23

Relationship Management Capabilities 25

The Cultural Imperative 44

Beyond Culture: The Strategic Enablers 46

Chapter Three: Planning Relationships with Existing Customers 57

What’s In a Relationship Management Plan? 57

Customer Selection 58

Relationship Objectives 76

Engagement 86

Value 92

Innovation 99

Teaching 102

Sharing 102

Chapter Four: One-Through-One: Engaging Social Customers 107

The “Peoplescape” of Social Media 108

The Company is No Longer Center Stage 109

The Customer is Speaking 110

Listen 111

Social Media Taxonomy 113

Social Media Objectives 115

Social Media Planning 118

Individual Customer Engagement 131

Chapter Five: B2B Relationships 141

Consumer and Business-to-Business Relationships 142

Buyer–Seller Relationship 150

Managing the B2B Relationship 152

B2B, Social Media and Product Lifecycles 153

Social, Internal to the Enterprise 158

Chapter Six: Relationships with Mobile Customers 163

Defining Mobile Relationships 164

Mobile Relationship Objectives and Strategies 166

Selected Application Categories for Mobile Devices 171

Emerging Technologies 181

Chapter Seven: Mass Customization 183

Mass Customization Defi ned 183

An Expensive Option? 184

Technology for Mass Customization 185

Enabling Relationships through Mass Customization 186

Approaches to Mass Customization 189

Customization versus Standardization 190

A Mass Customization Plan 191

Chapter Eight: Customer Analytics 199

The Meta is the Message 202

The Upside of Customer Analytics 205

Putting Customer Analytics to Work 208

Online Customer Analytics 216

Customer Analytics Soft ware 218

Customer Analytics and the Cloud 220

Net Promoter Score 221

Chapter Nine: Teaching Customers New Behaviors 223

What’s Wrong with Existing Customer Behaviors? 224

Pedagogy and Teaching Customers 226

Emotional/Affective Pedagogy 229

Cognitive Pedagogy 230

Behavioral Pedagogy 231

Individual/Social Pedagogy 232

Developing Pedagogy for Teaching Customers 236

Learning Relationships 238

Best Pedagogy Practices 239

From Teaching to Addicting 241

The Consumer as a Functional Addict 241

Chapter Ten: Case Studies: Making it Happen 255

Dell 256

Leicester City 259

New York City, Health and Human Services 261

TransGaming 265

TransLink 270

Chapter Eleven: Strategy, Stakeholders and Semantics 275

Planning a Strategic Relationship 276

Customer Management 277

Direct and Indirect Stakeholders 279

Direct Stakeholder Management 280

Indirect Stakeholder Engagement 290

Strategic Response-ability 291

Society and Response-ability 292

Appendix A: Selected Customer Analytics/Data Mining Soft ware Solutions 297

Notes 303

About the Author 317

Index 319

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Author Information

Ian Gordon is a management consultant with over thirty years of marketing and strategy experience. He is president of Convergence Management Consultants in Toronto, Canada, where he heads the Relationship Marketing-CRM practice, assisting clients to develop customer acquisition and relationship management strategies. He has worked with companies such as Alcan, Amadeus, Apple, Bell Canada, Canada Post, Chrysler, Eastman Kodak, Ethyl, Experian, Ford Electronics, General Electric, Goodyear, HP/Compaq, IBM, Kodak Canada, MasterCard, Microsoft, Mitel, NCR, Nortel Networks, Ontario Power Generation, Parker Hannifin, RBC, Thomson Reuters, Toshiba, Westinghouse and Xerox.

Ian is author of three previous books including the best-selling Relationship Marketing: New Strategies, Techniques and Technologies to Win the Customers You Want and Keep Them Forever (John Wiley & Sons Canada, 1998). He was the founding president of the Association for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing, and a past president of the Industrial Marketing and Research Association of Canada. He has lectured in relationship marketing, CRM and other marketing courses to undergraduate and MBA university students for over 20 years.

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