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Foundations of Chemistry in the Laboratory, 14th Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-28899-3
360 pages
January 2013, ©2013
Foundations of Chemistry in the Laboratory, 14th Edition (1118288998) cover image
Learning the fundamentals of chemistry can be a difficult task to undertake for health professionals. This lab manual to Foundations of Chemistry helps to master chemistry skills needed to succeed. It provides clear and logical explanations of chemical concepts and problem solving to apply concepts with the help of worked out examples. In addition, the manual features and conceptual questions checks brings together the understanding of chemistry and relates chemistry to things health professionals experience on a regular basis.
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1. Laboratory Techniques 1

2. Measurements 11

3. Preparation and Properties of Oxygen 23

4. Preparation and Properties of Hydrogen 33

5. Calorimetry and Specific Heat 43

6. Freezing Points—Graphing of Data 51

7. Water in Hydrates 61

8. Water, Solutions, and pH 67

9. Properties of Solutions 83

10. Composition of Potassium Chlorate 93

11. Double Displacement Reactions 99

12. Single Displacement Reactions 105

13. Ionization-Electrolytes and pH 109

14. Identification of Selected Anions 123

15. Quantitative Preparation of Potassium Chloride 131

16. Electromagnetic Energy and Spectroscopy 137

17. Lewis Structures and Molecular Models 147

18. Boyle’s Law 159

19. Charles’ Law 169

20. Liquids: Vapor Pressure and Boiling Points 179

21. Molar Volume of a Gas 187

22. Neutralization–Titration I 193

23. Neutralization–Titration II 201

24. Chemical Equilibrium–Reversible Reactions 209

25. Heat of Reaction 217

26. Distillation of Volatile Liquids 225

27. Organic Chemistry–Hydrocarbons 235

28. Alcohols, Esters, Aldehydes, and Ketones 245

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