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TMS 2012 141st Annual Meeting and Exhibition, Supplemental Proceedings, Volume 2, Materials Properties, Characterization, and Modeling

ISBN: 978-1-118-29609-7
1080 pages
April 2012
TMS 2012 141st Annual Meeting and Exhibition, Supplemental Proceedings, Volume 2, Materials Properties, Characterization, and Modeling (1118296095) cover image
This book contains chapters on cutting-edge developments presented at the TMS annual conference of 2012.
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Supplemental Proceedings: Volume II: Materials Properties, Characterization, and Modeling

2012 Functional and Structural Nanomaterials: Fabrication, Properties, Applications and Implications

Carbon Nanomaterials 3

0-Dimensional Nanomaterials 11

1-Dimensional Nanomaterials and ZnO 19

Nanomaterials for Energy Technology 35

Structural Nanomaterials 43

Joint Session with "2012 Surface and Heterostructures" 59

Poster Session 67

Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics

Thermodynamics 109

Phase-Field Simulations in Alloys I 125

Phase-Field Simulations in Alloys II 133

Poster Session 141

Defects and Properties of Cast Metals

Metal Cleanliness 161

Porosity 217

Effect of Porosity on Deformation, Damage, and Fracture of Cast Steel 217

Hot Tearing 251

Solidification Structure and Segregation 291

Ductility, Creep, Stress and Cracks 355

Novel Processes and Applications 387

Deformation, Damage, and Fracture of Light Metals and Alloys

Session I 429

Session II 437

Session III 451

Session IV 465

Session V 471

Poster Session 479

Emeritus Professor George D.W. Smith Honorary Symposium

Steels I 489

Steels II and Superalloys 521

From Macro to Nano, Understanding Mechanical Behavior across Length Scales: A Structural Materials Division Symposium in Honor of Robert Ritchie

Fatigue 539

Small Scale Mechanical Behavior and Theory 547

Deformation and Fracture 555

Mechanical Behavior of Novel Materials 563

General Poster Session

Session I 579

Integrative Materials Design: Performance and Sustainability

Processing and Properties of Advanced Steels & Sustainable Design, Life-Cycle Analyses, and Recycling 631

Materials Design Approaches and Experiences III

Non-ferrous Alloys and Processes 641

High Strength Steels 649

Joining and Microstructure-Property Relationships 667

Mechanical Behavior at Nanoscale I

In-situ Technique on Deformation Process 675

Deformation/strength at Nanoscale and Li-induced Deformation 683

Poster Session 691

Minerals, Metals and Materials under Pressure

Damage and Microstructure 761

Stochastic Methods in Materials Research

Session I 771

Symposium in Memory of Patrick Veyssiére: Understanding the Mechanisms Controlling Plastic Flow
Plastic Flow 789

Intermetallic Alloys 797

Deformation Mechanisms 805

Ultrasonic Fatigue of Advanced Materials and Systems

Ultrasonic Fatigue of Metals and Alloys I 815

Ultrasonic Testing Methods 823

Ultrasonic Fatigue of Metals and Alloys II; Very High Cycle Fatigue of Composites and MEMS 831

TMS2011 General Poster Session

Magnetic Materials for Energy Applications 865

TMS2011 General Abstracts: Structural Materials Division

Applications 873

Author Index 877

Subject Index 883

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Headquartered in the United States but international in both its membership and activities, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) is a rare professional organization that encompasses the entire range of materials and engineering, from minerals processing and primary metals production to basic research and the advanced applications of materials.
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