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Office 2010 Visual Quick Steps

ISBN: 978-1-118-33877-3
144 pages
February 2012
Office 2010 Visual Quick Steps (1118338774) cover image
A handy collection of shortcuts, tips, and tricks to boost your productivity with Office 2010

Microsoft Office is overwhelmingly the number one office productivity suite, and it's now available on the web as well. This handy, step-by-step guide helps you make the most of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, with tips and techniques that optimize these Office applications. Designed for those who learn best visually, it uses numbered steps and full-color screen shots to teach each technique, helping you save time, boost your productivity, and create better documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

  • A step-by-step guide to great productivity-enhancing shortcuts, tricks, and techniques for the key applications of Microsoft Office 2010
  • Uses numbered steps and full-color screen shots to visually teach a selection of techniques
  • Ideal for those upgrading from an earlier version of Office and for anyone who wants to use the software more efficiently

Office 2010 Visual Quick Steps will help you get more from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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Chapter 1: General Office 2010 Maximizing Tips

Customize the Quick Access Toolbar 4

Customize the Ribbon 6

Control the Ribbon Display 8

Automate Office Tasks with Macros 10

Change the Default Font and Size 12

Chapter 2 Timesaving Tips for Office Files

Change the Default File Save Location 16

Save Office Files as PDF Documents 18

Remove Sensitive Document Information 20

Encrypt a Document 22

Add a Digital Signature 24

Recover an Unsaved Document 26

Chapter 3 Boosting Your Productivity in Word

Add a Header or Footer Building Block 30

Create a Blog Post 32

Search Through a Document 34

Fix Misspellings with AutoCorrect 36

Emphasize Text with Drop Caps 38

Set a New Default Line Spacing 40

Quickly Insert a Horizontal Line 42

Resume Numbering in an Interrupted Numbered List 43

Set Off a Paragraph with a Border 44

Track Changes in a Document 46

Compare Documents 48

Summarize Information with a Chart 50

Chapter 4 Utilizing Word's Document Building Tools

Insert Footnotes and Endnotes 54

Generate a Table of Contents 56

Add a Cross-Reference 58

Chapter 5 Optimizing Excel

Automatically Open Your Favorite Workbook 62

Automate Data Entry with AutoFill 64

Color-Code and Name Worksheet Tabs 66

Protect Cells from Unauthorized Changes 68

Generate Random Numbers in Your Cells 70

Freeze Headings for Easier Scrolling 71

Insert a Comment in a Formula 72

Join Text from Separate Cells 73

Audit a Worksheet for Errors 74

Create Projections 76

Create a Database Table 78

Add and Edit Records Using Data Forms 80

Chapter 6 Polishing Your Spreadsheet Data

Apply Workbook Themes 84

Change Gridline Color 86

Print Gridlines 87

Add a Background Color, Pattern, or Image 88

Color-Code Your Data with Conditional Formatting 90

Wrap Text for Easy Reading 92

Change Cell Text Orientation 93

Center-Align Printed Data 94

Center Text Across Columns without Merging Cells 95

Chapter 7 Increasing PowerPoint's Potential

Convert a Word Document into a Presentation 98

Organize a Presentation into Sections 100

Reuse a Slide from Another Presentation 102

Rehearse Timings 104

Add an Equation 106

Create a Self-Running Presentation 107

Write on a Slide During a Presentation 108

Create Speaker Notes 110

Print Handouts 111

Compress Media Files 112

Turn a Presentation into a Video 114

Broadcast a Presentation 116

Chapter 8 Enhancing Your Presentations

Create a Custom Slide Layout 120

Insert a Custom Slide Master 122

Streamline Your Presentation with Themes 124

Customize a Theme 126

Save a Custom Theme 128

Add a Picture to Your Presentation 130

Insert a SmartArt Graphic 132

Add Video or Sound to Your Presentation 134

Animate Your Slides 136

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Sherry Kinkoph Gunter (Alexandria, IN) has authored more than 60 computer books over the past 10 years on a variety of topics. Office 2007 Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks, Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Bible, and Teach Yourself HTML, 2nd Edition, are just a few of Sherry's publications. A native of the Midwest, Sherry currently resides in the Indianapolis area and continues in her quest to help users of all levels and ages master ever-changing computer technologies.
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