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Bipolar Disorder For Dummies, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-33882-7
384 pages
November 2012
Bipolar Disorder For Dummies, 2nd Edition (1118338820) cover image


Get an accurate diagnosis and get on with enjoying and living your life!

Bipolar Disorder affects many more people than just the millions who suffer from the disease. Like depression and other serious illnesses, bipolar disorder also affects spouses, partners, family members, friends, and coworkers.

Bipolar Disorder For Dummies explains the brain chemistry behind the disease and covers the latest medications and therapies. You'll get reassuring, sound advice and self-help techniques that you and your loved ones, including kids and teens, can use to ease and eliminate symptoms, function in times of crisis, plan ahead for manic or depressive episodes, and feel a whole lot better.

  • Covers new diagnosis methods developed by the American Psychiatric Association
  • Increased coverage of genetics, biochemistry, and imaging studies relevant to bipolar disorder
  • Advice on supporting a loved one (who may not want help)
  • Updated and expanded medication guide and treatment options, including Deep Brain Stimulation

Complete with fill-in-the-blank forms and charts, key online resources, and first-hand accounts from real people, Bipolar Disorder For Dummies gives you the latest information and self-help strategies you and your loved ones need to conquer this disease and get on with your lives.

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting to Know Bipolar Disorder 9

Chapter 1: Understanding Bipolar Disorder: Diagnosis to Recovery 11

Chapter 2: Demystifying Bipolar Disorder 25

Chapter 3: A Positive Prognosis with a Proactive Plan 45

Part II: Taming the Bipolar Beast 55

Chapter 4: Getting Physical: Ruling Out Other Health Issues 57

Chapter 5: Getting a Psychiatric Evaluation and Treatment Plan 69

Chapter 6: Building a Winning Mood-Management Team 85

Part III: Managing Bipolar Disorder with Meds and Other Biological Treatments 99

Chapter 7: Touring the Bipolar Pharmacy 101

Chapter 8: Coming to Terms with Medications and Their Side Effects 123

Chapter 9: Expanding Your Biological Treatment Options 139

Chapter 10: Treating Bipolar Disorder in Women and Other Specific Populations 151

Part IV: Developing Essential Survival Skills  165

Chapter 11: Exploring Self-Help Strategies, Therapies, and Other Supports 167

Chapter 12: Making Lifestyle Adjustments 181

Chapter 13: Communicating Effectively 197

Chapter 14: Solving Problems and Resolving Conflict 209

Chapter 15: Planning Ahead for a Mood Episode 219

Part V: Dealing with the Fallout 229

Chapter 16: From Hospitalization to Recovery 231

Chapter 17: Getting Back to Work Or Not 245

Chapter 18: Overcoming Financial Setbacks 257

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