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Pesticide Application Methods, 4th Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-35130-7
536 pages
March 2014, Wiley-Blackwell
Pesticide Application Methods, 4th Edition (1118351304) cover image


Pesticide Application Methods is the standard work on the subject for all those involved in crop protection. This fully updated Fourth Edition takes account of the considerable changes in legislation, especially within the European Union, affecting some pesticides and how they can be applied.  With greater emphasis now on protecting the environment, an additional chapter in this edition describes the importance of managing treatments to minimise spray drift, and the chapter on applying biopesticides has been updated, with the assistance of Paul Miller and Roy Bateman respectively.

Basic information on the role of pesticides in integrated pest management is given with a discussion on the importance of defining the target and choice of spray spectrum to optimise delivery.  The range of droplets and types of equipment for different methods of application, including seed treatment, are described with information on safe use and maintenance.

Pesticide Application Methods, 4th Edition, provides an essential reference for all those involved in crop protection, including entomologists, plant pathologists, weed scientists and agricultural engineers, whether researchers, consultants or those training in international, government or academic organisations, or the plant science industry. Libraries in all universities and research establishments where agricultural and biological sciences are studied or taught should have copies of this excellent new edition on their shelves.  

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Table of Contents

Preface to fourth edition vii

Acknowledgements xi

Conversion tables xiii

Pesticide calculation xv

Units, abbreviations and symbols xvi

1 Chemical control in integrated pest management 1

2 Targets for pesticide deposition 23

3 Formulation of pesticides 63

4 Spray droplets 91

5 Hydraulic nozzles 125

6 Manually carried hydraulic sprayers 159

7 Power-operated hydraulic sprayers 181

8 Air-assisted sprayers 215

9 Controlled droplet application 245

10 Electrostatically charged sprays 275

11 Aerial application 299

12 Spray drift 337

13 Seed treatment, dust and granule application 363

14 Space treatment by fogging 381

15 Specialist application techniques (injection, fumigation and other techniques) 399

16 Application of biopesticides 411

17 Maintenance of equipment 429

18 Safety precautions 443

19 Equipment for laboratory and field trials 471

20 Selection of application equipment for chemical and biological pesticides 487

Appendix: standards relating to pesticide application 499

Index 503

Colour plate section 1 falls between pages 174 and 175

Colour plate section 2 falls between pages 254 and 255

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Author Information

Graham A. Matthews is Emeritus Professor of Pest Management at Imperial College, UK.  After his experience in developing integrated pest management of cotton pests in Africa, he led the International Pesticides Application Research Centre at Silwood Park, UK, and has travelled extensively as a consultant for international organisations and industry and to participate in training programmes.  He has also been an advisor on application equipment for the World Health Organisation.

Paul Miller is currently a Specialist Adviser with the Silsoe Spray Applications Unit, part of NIAB TAG and secretary to The Douglas Bomford Trust.  He has been involved with crop spraying research and development since the early 1980’s when he led the Chemical Applications Group at Silsoe Research Institute prior to becoming Director of Technology at the Institute.  He has worked on a wide range of crop spraying projects both nationally and internationally and particularly those concerned with sprayer controls and managing the risk of spray drift.

Roy Bateman is a visiting Senior Lecturer at Imperial College and Harper Adams University (UK), and Nong Lam University (Viet Nam). With 35 years of experience in crop protection world-wide, he is currently a consultant on biopesticides and also specialises in pest management for cocoa industry and the International Cocoa Organisation.  Previous work has included extension and research in tropical agriculture, with 12 years developing ‘Green Muscle’: a locust mycoinsecticide.

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