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The Handbook of Korean Linguistics

Lucien Brown (Editor), Jaehoon Yeon (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-118-35491-9
528 pages
June 2015, Wiley-Blackwell
The Handbook of Korean Linguistics (1118354915) cover image


The Handbook of Korean Linguistics presents state-of-the-art overviews of the linguistic research on the Korean language.

• Structured to allow a range of theoretical perspectives in addressing linguistic phenomena

• Includes chapters on Old Korean and Middle Korean, present-day language policies in North and South Korea, social aspects of Korean as a heritage language, and honorifics

• Indispensable and unique resource not only for those studying Korean linguistics but cross-linguistic research in general

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Table of Contents

Notes on Contributors vii

Editors’ Note xi

Note on Transcriptions xii

Part I The Sounds of Korean 1

1 Vowels and consonants 3
Jiyoung Shin

2 Syllable ]based phonological processes 22
Young ]Mee Yu Cho

3 Prosody 41
Hae ]Sung Jeon

Part II Topics in Korean Morphology and Syntax 59

4 Word formation 61
Chung ]Kon Shi

5 Double nominative and double accusative constructions 79
James Hye Suk Yoon

6 Causatives 98
Jae Jung Song

7 Passives 116
Jaehoon Yeon

8 Anaphora and binding 137
Sean Madigan

Part III Syntax, Semantics, and their Interface 155

9 Lexical semantics: Lexicon ]syntax interface 157
Seungho Nam

10 Focus, topic, and contrast 179
Youngchul Jun

11 Case particle ellipsis 196
Hanjung Lee

12 Negation and negative polarity items 212
Peter Sells

13 Tense and aspect 232
Hyo Sang Lee

14 Modality 249
Hyo Sang Lee

Part IV Discourse, Pragmatics, and Grammaticalization 269

15 Conversation analysis 271
Stephanie Hyeri Kim and Kyu ]hyun Kim

16 Korean discourse structure 287
Shin Ja J. Hwang

17 Honorifics and politeness 303
Lucien Brown

18 Grammaticalization 320
Sung ]Ock S. Sohn

Part V Language Acquisition 337

19 First language acquisition 339
Soonja Choi

20 Second language acquisition: syntax 355
William O’Grady and Myong Hee Choi

21 Second language acquisition: phonology 373
Jeong ]Young Kim

22 Second language acquisition: pragmatics 389
Andrew Sangpil Byon

23 Social aspects of korean as a heritage language 405
M. Agnes Kang

Part VI Varieties of Korean 419

24 Old korean 421
John Whitman

25 Middle korean and pre ]modern korean 439
Ho ]Min Sohn

26 Varieties of contemporary korean 459
Lucien Brown and Jaehoon Yeon

27 Language policies in north and south korea 477
Jae Jung Song

28 Linguistic emblems of south korean society 492
Nicholas Harkness

Index 509

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Author Information

Lucien Brown is Assistant Professor of Korean Linguistics at the University of Oregon. His research interests include socio-pragmatics and politeness, as well as second language acquisition. He is the author of Korean Honorifics and Politeness in Language Learning (2011) and the co-author of Korean: A Comprehensive Grammar (with J. Yeon, 2011).

Jaehoon Yeon is Professor of Korean Language and Linguistics at SOAS, University of London. His research areas include functional-typological linguistics, Korean morpho-syntax, and grammatical constructions. He is the author of Korean Grammatical Constructions: Their Form and Meaning (2003), Get Started in Korean (2013), and co-author of Korean: A Comprehensive Grammar (with L. Brown, 2011).
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