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MacBook Air Portable Genius, 4th Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-37020-9
320 pages
September 2012
MacBook Air Portable Genius, 4th Edition (1118370201) cover image


You'll fly through your work with these MacBook Air tips and tricks

Packed with tips and techniques on everything from how to get started with the MacBook Air notebook to getting the most out of all its latest features and accessories, this fun, hip, and portable guide has just what you need to take flight. Veteran author Paul McFedries covers a slew of new topics, including improved graphics on the new Air, setting up the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, using the new, iPhone-like multitrack touchpad, and more. You'll save time and hassle and discover how to do the things you need most.

  • Offers timesaving and helpful tips to both novice and intermediate users of Apple hardware
  • Covers all the key skills, tools, and shortcuts you need to become productive with your MacBook Air
  • Helps you maximize all the power and new features of the very latest MacBook Air
  • Includes Genius icons to show you the smartest way to do things
  • Saves you time and hassle, avoids fluff, and doesn't skimp on the essentials

MacBook Air Portable Genius, 4th Edition helps you get more out of your MacBook Air with practical tips and timesaving advice.

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction xxii

Chapter 1 How Do I Connect Devices? 2

Chapter 2 How Do I Make Wireless Connections? 24

Chapter 3 How Do I Synchronize MacBook Air with Other Devices? 44

Chapter 4 How Do I Use MacBook Air to Organize My Life? 68

Chapter 5 How Do I Use MacBook Air to Set Up My Online Accounts? 96

Chapter 6 Can MacBook Air Help Me Communicate More Effectively? 114

Chapter 7 How Do I Locate and Protect a Lost MacBook Air? 134

Chapter 8 How Do I Keep MacBook Air Running Smoothly? 142

Chapter 9 How Do I Maintain the Battery? 162

Chapter 10 How Do I Maintain the Hard Drive? 178

Chapter 11 How Do I Solve MacBook Air Problems? 194

Chapter 12 How Do I Solve Specific Software Problems? 218

Chapter 13 How Do I Solve Specific Hardware Problems? 242

Appendix a MacBook Air Online Resources 258

Appendix b MacBook Air Shortcut Keys 261

Appendix c MacBook Air Multi-Touch Gestures 267

Appendix d Running Windows on MacBook Air 270

Glossary 282

Index 286

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Author Information

Paul McFedries is a Mac expert and full-time technical writer. He has written more than 75 books that have sold more than four million copies worldwide. His books include The new iPad Portable Genius and Macs Portable Genius, Second Edition. Paul encourages all readers to drop by his website, www.mcfedries.com.

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