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Whiteboard Selling: Empowering Sales Through Visuals

ISBN: 978-1-118-37976-9
256 pages
April 2013
Whiteboard Selling: Empowering Sales Through Visuals (1118379764) cover image


Create compelling whiteboard presentations to engage your customers and win their business

Whiteboard Selling offers a step-by-step approach to transforming your message and selling style by using powerful visual stories that inspire and engage customers and prospects. Free your sales force from relying on slides and other static sales tools during the sales process. Whiteboard Selling offers practical guidance and skills to enable marketing and sales teams to quickly adopt visual story telling practices that apply to today's fast-moving, competitive selling environment.

  • Explains how to take a sales message inventory
  • Illustrates how to design your visual stories
  • Empowers your sales force to tell the story and extend the reach of visual storytelling

Through the power of technology and effective storytelling, you and your team can create and deliver effective presentations that engage your customers, hold their attention, and win their business. Whiteboard Selling shows you how.

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Table of Contents

Foreword Scott Santucci ix

Introduction 1

PART 1 The End of the Age of Slides 7

Chapter 1 The Role of Presentation Slides in Today’s Sales Culture 9

Chapter 2 The Role of Slides in Today’s Sales Training 21

Chapter 3 Self-Assessment 29

PART 2 The Visual Selling Opportunity 35

Chapter 4 The Power of the Pen 37

Chapter 5 The Science Behind Whiteboard Selling 43

Chapter 6 Old Disciplines, New Behaviors 47

PART 3 What Exactly Is a Whiteboard for Sales? 57

Chapter 7 When to Use Whiteboards in the Sales Process 59

Chapter 8 The Major Whiteboard Types 65

Chapter 9 Whiteboard Case Study 73

Chapter 10 Whiteboard Structure, Flow, Content, and Interaction Points 79

Chapter 11 Qualification and Discovery Whiteboards 85

Chapter 12 Why Change Whiteboards 97

Chapter 13 Solution Whiteboards 107

Chapter 14 Competitive Whiteboards 127

Chapter 15 Business Case Whiteboards 143

Chapter 16 Closing Whiteboards 151

PART 4 Building a Whiteboard for Sales 159

Chapter 17 Are You Ready to Whiteboard? Not So Fast! 161

Chapter 18 Choosing the Right Topic for Your Whiteboard 167

Chapter 19 Forming a Working Team 171

Chapter 20 Taking a Message Inventory 177

Chapter 21 The Working Team Template 181

Chapter 22 Formalizing Your Whiteboard Design 191

Chapter 23 Packaging Your Whiteboard 195

PART 5 Enabling the Field 203

Chapter 24 Whiteboard Test Drive 205

Chapter 25 Field Enablement Options 209

Chapter 26 Measuring Success 217

PART 6 You Have a Whiteboard, So How Do You Present It and What Do You Leave Behind? 223

Chapter 27 Whiteboard Presentation Best Practices 225

Conclusion 235

About Corporate Visions, Inc. 237

Index 239

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Author Information

COREY SOMMERS is the Senior Vice President of Whiteboard Strategy at Corporate Visions. Corey is also the cofounder of WhiteboardSelling, where he was Chief Marketing Officer. Throughout his career as a Sales Enablement leader, Corey's passion has been bridging the gap between marketing and sales at enterprise-class organizations. Prior to WhiteboardSelling, Corey helped build sales enablement organizations at companies including BMC Software and VMware. He was also a founder of Ventaso, a leading provider of sales-ready messaging software and tools.

DAVID JENKINS is the cofounder of WhiteboardSelling, where he was CEO. David is a Sales Best Practices leader with a focus on sales execution and the measurable delivery of customer value. Before founding WhiteboardSelling, he was Director of Worldwide Professional Services Sales for BMC Software, where he worked as a thought leader and evangelist for BMC's Business Service Management strategies and solutions.

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Press Release

April 03, 2013
Sell Bigger Deals Faster with Whiteboards

Whiteboard Selling: Empowering Sales Through Visuals authored by the Corporate Visions' Senior Vice President of Whiteboard Strategy, Corey Sommers, and David Jenkins, offers practical guidance and a step-by-step approach for salespeople and marketers to transform their messages using whiteboarding as a visual storytelling technique.

“Whiteboards are one of the most powerful weapons in a salesperson’s arsenal for effective conversations and translating complex value propositions into concrete and simple visual stories,” said Sommers. “A science as well as an art, using this tool will bring your marketing and sales messages to life, help you stand out in today’s competitive and fast-moving selling environment, and convince prospects and customers to make a change – and choose the product or service you’re selling.”

Leveraging their experience designing more than 500 whiteboards and training more than 50,000 salespeople worldwide, Sommers and Jenkins use this book to provide explanations, exercises and other activities to teach you how to create a whiteboard discussion framework. Specifically, they address:

  • The end of the age of slides – the role of presentation slides in today’s sales culture and training.
  • The visual selling opportunity – the power of the pen, the science behind whiteboard selling and changing your approach to prospect interactions.
  • What a whiteboard for sales actually is – when to use whiteboards in the sales process and the main types of whiteboards.
  • Building a whiteboard for sales – how to build a whiteboard, including selecting the right topic, taking a sales message inventory and packaging a whiteboard.
  • Enabling the field – field enablement options, how to measure success and ways to conduct a test drive.
  • Presenting a whiteboard – best practices for using whiteboards in sales conversations.

“Using visuals to reach the decision-making part of your customers’ and prospects’ brains is crucial to sales success, especially since this region of the brain lacks the ability to process written language,” Sommers added. “However, using a traditional PowerPoint presentation will simply lull your prospects to sleep, while whiteboards enable salespeople to have interactive conversations. That’s why we wrote this book – to address this pain point and help companies become even more effective at having successful sales conversations that turn into increased revenue.”

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