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Exploring iPad For Dummies, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-39863-0
168 pages
June 2012
Exploring iPad For Dummies, 2nd Edition (1118398637) cover image


Get to know the incredible iPad in a uniquely different Dummies format!

The iPad combines the best of your favorite gadgets into one amazing ultraportable touch device. And, thisone-of-a-kind For Dummies guide is your is your ticket for making the most out of your iPad or iPad 2. Thoroughly updated for the third-generation iPad, the new edition of this informative, full-color guide is packed with tidbits, full-color graphics, informative articles, and easy-to-follow step lists.  Now that you have a new iPad, get to know it a little better with Exploring iPad  For Dummies 2nd Edition.

  • Includes coverage of the third-generation iPad, iPad 2, and the original iPad
  • Helps you get connected, stay in touch with social media, text with iMessage, play slideshows or music, curl up with your favorite e-book, and find the latest and greatest apps for any interest
  • Shows you how to get organized with calendars, contacts, and Reminders; take notes; locate where you are or where you're going with Maps; stream content; or go hands-free with Dictation
  • Also covers video-chatting with FaceTime, recording HD videos, and capturing and editing photos on the incredible retina display

You’ve got the magic touch for all things iPad with Exploring iPad  For Dummies 2nd Edition by your side.

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Table of Contents

iPad Basics 2

What's New in the Third-Gen iPad 25

Safari 27

Mail 35

Adventures in Mail Management 44

Photos 49

Using iPhoto for iPad 59

Music 61

Podcasts, Audiobooks, and iTunes U 71

Socializing 73

iPad Productivity 77

Cloud Storage 93

Using iCloud.com 95

Maps 96

Let the iPad Direct You 104

Video 108

Making Your Own Movies 118

Apps 120

Gallery of Apps 132

iBooks 141

Using Multi-Touch E-Books 149

Reading Periodicals 150

iPad 152

Backing Up and Restoring Your iPad 162

Tried-and-True Troubleshooting 164

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