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OS X Mountain Lion Portable Genius

ISBN: 978-1-118-40142-2
448 pages
September 2012
OS X Mountain Lion Portable Genius (1118401425) cover image

Essential tips and techniques on the Mac OS X features you use most!

If you want the kind of hip, friendly help you'd get from friends on how to get the most of out of Mac OS X Mountain Lion, this is the guide you need. Jump right into the coolest new Mac OS X features like Game Center, Messages, and Notification, or get a better handle on the basic tools and shortcuts that will help keep your mountain cat purring. From customizing to using multimedia to syncing your Mac to other devices, this book saves you time and hassle, avoids fluff, and covers what you want to know most.

  • New addition to the hip, savvy Portable Genius series of books that helps you get the very most out of your Apple lifestyle
  • Provides essential facts, tips, techniques, and shortcuts
  • Helps you jump right into cool new Mac OX X features, such as Game Center, Messages, and Notification
  • Covers Mac OS X and Mac computer basics, including customizing your computer and workspace, troubleshooting and maintaining your Mac, browsing and manipulating images and multimedia, listening to music and Podcasts, and more
  • Explains how to work with and connect peripherals, copy music to an iPod, add a printer, and sync a Mac to other devices

Enjoy your new Mac OS X Mac to the max with Mac OS X Portable Genius.

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Acknowledgments ix

Introduction 1

chapter 1 How Do I Get Started with Mountain Lion? 2

chapter 2 How Can I Customize Mountain Lion? 32

chapter 3 How Do I Change the Mountain Lion System Preferences? 56

chapter 4 How Do I Manage User Accounts? 82

chapter 5 What Can I Do with Applications? 102

chapter 6 What Can I Do with Utilities? 134

chapter 7 How Do I Work with PDFs in Preview? 154

chapter 8 How Do I Organize My Life with Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Reminders? 172

chapter 9 How Do I Master the Web with Safari? 200

chapter 10 How Do I Stay Connected with Mail? 224

chapter 11 How Can I Use iTunes with Multimedia? 254

chapter 12 How Do I Work with Images and Video? 286

chapter 13 How Do I Print and Share? 318

chapter 14 How Can I Automate My Mac? 346

chapter 15 How Do I Install Windows 7 on My Mac? 366

chapter 16 Do You Have Any Troubleshooting Tips? 380

appendix a Mac Online Resources 394

appendix b Mac Shortcut Keys 398

Glossary 404

Index 410

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Dwight Spivey is a product manager for Konica Minolta and has specialized in working with Mac operating systems, applications, and hardware for many years. He is the author of several books on OS X and Apple's iPhone.

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