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Beyond Belief: The Archaeology of Religion and Ritual

Yorke M. Rowan (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-118-42439-1
196 pages
May 2012, Wiley-Blackwell
Beyond Belief: The Archaeology of Religion and Ritual (1118424395) cover image
This volume details recent archaeological explorations of ancient religion and sacred ritual. The chapters bring multiple perspectives and differing methodological approaches to case studies representing widely divergent regions and time periods to illustrate some of the most recent methodological and theoretical appraoches to the archaeological study of ancient relgioin and ritual.
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Chapter 1: Beyond Belief: The Archaeology of Religion and Ritual

Chapter 2: Matters of Belief: Middle-Range Theory, Religion, and the "State"

Chapter 3: Envisioning a Pragmatic Approach to the Archaeology of Religion


Chapter 4: Technology and Morality--Rituals in Iron Working among the Fipa and Pangwa Peoples in Southwestern Tanzania

Chapter 5: Toward and Archaeology of Secrecy: Power, Paradox, and the Great Gods of Samothrace

Chapter 6: Political Economy and the Routinization of Religious Movements: A View from the Eastern Woodlands

Chapter 7: Deconstructing and Recomposing the Narrative of Spiritual Life in the Chalcolithic of the Southern Levant (4500-3600 BCE)

Chapter 8: Materiality and Sacred Landscapes: Ulua Style Marble Vases in Honduras


Chapter 9: Meanings and Functions of Enclosed Places in the European Neolithic: A Contextual Approach to Cult, Ritual and Religion

Chapter 10: The Semiotics of Gunung Kawi: Materializing Affiliation at Ancient and Modern Balinese Temples

Chapter 11: Signs in Human Hands: A Model for the Intonated Objects


Chapter 12: What Should an Archaeology of Religion Look Like to a Blind Archaeologist?

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Yorke M. Rowan is an archaeologist with the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of Virginia in anthropology and his master's and doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin in anthropology. Rowan's research focuses on the rise of social complexity, craft specialization (particularly stone vessels), and prehistoric ritual practices. He is currently doing fieldwork that examines small-scale society at late prehistoric sites in Israel and the eastern desert of Jordan.
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